Have You Celebrated Your Break Throughs For October?

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You cannot be wimpy out there on the dream-seeking trail. Dare to break through barriers, to find your own path.~ Les Brown

I have been inspired this morning by Sandra Pawula post Words In Focus: October  Sandra describes The flavor of October as Breakthoughs, a novel way to look at what you have achieved for the month.  Sandra frequently in her posts challenges her reader to try a new way of being or doing, usually with an emphasis on simplifying ones life. I did take note of 3 of her challenges:

So what did I achieve in October?

  • I did clear my desk and some digital clutter. For a day or so it looked shiny and spacious and I have a spare 20 gb on my laptop
  • I gave away 2 bags of clothes still have much more than the 33 items Sandra was proposing I am not a minimalist 🙂
  • I am getting better at finishing what I am doing before I jump in to help someone else. What Virginia Wolf called The Angel of Perpetual Giving
  • I successfully launched Your Weekly Heart Whisper and their have been five editions . Join in in the box on the banner or subscribe to the blog and you will get Your Heart Whisper.
  • I finally launched my online studio sale,  one sale to date-  it will now extend into  November. I have discovered i get about half done to what i used to! Great time to get you special Christmas gifts. You still have the opportunity to win a Suzie Cheel Handpainted Original
  • I made a video and wrote a blog post Do You Find It Hard To Ask For Help? that asked you to help me get the word out about the studio sale- not an easy task
  • This blog has a new look and a new theme called Lifestyle and my picture is that by November 30th this will be complete.
  • dreamboard-octoberI made a Full Moon dreamboard for October where I set my intentions and reflecting on them now I may have slipped into an old pattern- over expectations.
  • I have continued my daily gratitude journal which I started back in July at What Am I Grateful For Today?
  • I have meditated every day this month- I have found using Insight Timer Lite great.
  • My daily grow my bones health routine continues and I know my bones are getting stronger: if you read my last post Falls In The Night, Patience And Getting To Stillness you will know I had a fall and landed on my wrist with no fractures.
  • I continue to live in the now each day, I have had more patience tests this month and have found a growing inner peace as i become more accepting in the moment
  • I have completed 10+ more Heart Whispers that I was guided to paint and I have shared on my facebook page
  • Emergings has a new cover and this month will see the new ebook
  • I experimented with live broadcasting- this was not successful for me so now I am making short videos to show you my scarves and how to tie them.
  • I am experiencing signs of abundance daily. Below was yesterday’s gift from the universe.

Five-dollarsI am smiling as I complete this list knowing there is more I could add and I do feel like the heart whisper above that my heart is opening more each day and I am feeling more love.

Yes I am celebrating as my friend Joy often asks me; How does it feel and have you celebrated? I feel very grateful and abundant. I am celebrating by sharing my success for the month and I will thank Sandra again. If I had not read her post this morning I may have gone into November feeling a bit like I was on a treadmill. Now I am so excited about the new month and the path I am headed forward on.

What did you achieve in October? Did you have break throughs you would like to share? What excited you?

With gratitude, love and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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