Taking Time Out For Fun and Rejuvenation

On Saturday as a special treat for Des’s birthday we decided to have a  day out and headed south to Byron Bay. I had booked in at Osho House for massages.
We arrived and walked into a welcoming garden and were greeted by one of the owners Santoshi Osho House. We sat in a lounge area, had herbal tea and an infrared foot massage while we waited for our massages.

My massage was wonderful- a hot rock massage and Des has a deep tissue massage. We both came out feeling so relaxed and decided this would be somewhere we would return to. The ambience was fabulous, massages exceptional and we left in search of a healthy lunch Suzie-Cheel, Des-Walsh

We had contAsia Joesemplated fish and chips by the sea. We went wandering and found Byron’s Eat Street and Asia Joes. We had the best Thai food it was so fresh- sorry forgot to take a picture. If you are in The Byron area check this place out and say hello to Jess who loves where she works. Des had Pad Thai and I has the freshest crunchy Thai salad served with rice and the tenderest Salt and Pepper Squid.

Jess at Asia Joes

We then did some book browsing, walking and bought some Epson salts, following the masseurs instruction to have a bath when we got home to get the maximum benefit from the massage. Plus drink lots of water. I even found some water labeled good vibes.

We arrived home around 6pm, soaked in an epson salts baths, felt so relaxed. As well as having treats, we had fed our spirits. Sometimes when one is an at home entrepreneur we forget to feed the spirit and take time out for both pleasure and fun. We will be returning to Byron more often to feed our spirit.

What do you do to feed your spirit

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