I Trust

 When I listen to and trust the whispers of my heart, my light shines for all to see.– Suzie Cheel

Welcome to Day 3 of The Heart Whisper Gratitude Challenge:

(If you’re only just catching up with us today go here first to find out what you need to do to get ready or just start at the day you have arrived at. The previous days are listed at the bottom of each post)

Today’s message from the angels is Have Confidence. You can do it! Trust that you have all that you need within. Trust you will receive the support you desire.

Have Confidence

Today let’s focus on the magic of you and the love and confidence that comes when you trust yourself to listen to the whispers of your heart.

Get your journal and Be still and listen to the whispers your heart is sharing with you today” Today focus on you and the parts of you that allow you to shine and have confidence.

So mine are as they flow from my heart, totally uncensored:

  1. I am grateful for my creativity that flows when I trust and allows me to color the world
  2. I am grateful for my healthy shining hair that gets thicker again each day.
  3. I am grateful that I have more energy each day to be full more engaged with life
  4. I am grateful for my healing journey that brought the heart whispers to the world
  5. I am grateful for the stories I have to share that inspire and empower me and you

Todays’Activity:  Get A Gratitude Rock: The idea of the having a gratitude rock and keeping it in your pocket I first read about from Lee Bower who was in the Secret.

One day, he found a rock and he said to himself ‘Every time I touch this rock, I’m going to think of something I’m grateful for’.And so every morning he wakes up, picks up his rock from the dresser, puts it in his pocket and he goes through what he’s grateful for in life.And every night he comes home, empties his pocket, sees his rock and again he goes through what he’s grateful for

Choose a crystal or a rock. I have chosen a crystal malachite. Malachite is great for transformation and change, breaking old patterns. healing  and journeying. I have it by my computer and during the day and by my bed at night. I will use it to count my blessing when I wake in the morning and as I go to sleep. I also will keep one of my heart shaped stones in a pocket just to remind me when I am out.


Until tomorrow when we will use the gratitude rock for our next activity.

Thank you  for joining the challenge.  Don’t forget to invite your friends!  The more energy we create, the more fun we will have and the more love and abundance we will bring to the our lives and the world 
 with love and gratitude
from my heart ♡ t0 your heart ♡

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ ♥♥”

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12 Responses

  1. The first time I ever heard of Gratitude Rocks was exactly this bit in the movie ‘The Secret’ … and I remember being really surprised that the guy in the story was from South Africa, like me.

    I have a little bowl of what I call ‘memory stones’ on my bedside table … pretty pebbles I’ve collected on my adventures … but I love the idea of carrying one around with me to remind me to amp up the gratitude+appreciation.

    Love this challenge, Suzie. What a leading light you are. I love that about you.

    Hugs + bliss-ings,
    the goddess known as Jacqui.

  2. Hey Suzie

    I need to find a gratitude rock! 🙁 Or I could just carry one of my favorite ‘idols’ in my pocket. Looking at it always makes me smile! 😀

    I am simply grateful for being alive…for my husband…my pup..my family…and LOVELO LOVELY friends! #HUGSSS

    LOTS of love

    1. Yes Kitto, listen to your Heart and allow it to guide you as to whether you need to find a rock or use your idols, it will know
      Love Suzie♡♡♡

  3. Thank you for the reminder about gratitude rocks. I recall this experience from my childhood, where someone kept a stone in their pocket to reminder them to be grateful. It made a big impact on me at the time, but I’d completely forgotten about it. We can all use a little more gratitude in our lives.

    1. Welcome Sue Ellen
      Happy that the post inspired you to recall a positive childhood memory. Maybe in revisiting this you will get another big impact. ♡♡♡

  4. Great post, Suzie. I was attracted to read it because I just love the gratitude vibe. I also love the idea of a gratitude rock. I have had gratitude jars and journals before, but these require you to remember to sit down and take time out to do it every day. Carrying something around that you’ll touch frequently in the day is just pure genius. I’m going to try this! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Andrea

    1. Welcome Andrea,
      Yes a rock is a wonderful touchstone to trigger one to say thanks in the moment.
      I would love to hear how this works for you
      blessing to you Suzie♡♡♡

  5. Gratitude is huge. If we lack contentment in our lives, it’s because we don’t see all that we DO have. Gratitude changes the way we view life and makes us more pleasant to be with.

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