With hope you awaken yourself to miracles, where the impossible become possible


Hope was the card I drew twice this week and I was reminded of a recent conversation with a friend who  walked beside me on my healing journey, that I give people hope. Even when the chips are down I always present a positive face and radiate high energy.
I have been reading Brené Brown’s Rising Strong and she says that:
100% hope is when we know where we are going,  we have a goal, we have set our intentions, we have of plan of action.
When we get knocked down then we can get up again and keep going.
So, hope is a combination of setting goals, having the tenacity and perseverance to pursue them, and believing in our own abilities.
Yes really trusting you, that means loving you unconditionally!

Hope is learned!

Synder in Psychology of Hope suggests that we learn hopeful, goal-directed thinking in the context of other people. Children most often learn hope from their parents. Snyder says that to learn hopefulness, children need relationships that are characterized by boundaries, consistency, and support. I think it’s so empowering to know that I have the ability to teach my children how to hope. It’s not a crapshoot. It’s a conscious choice.Hopeful self-talk sounds more like, This is tough, but I can do it.
When we keep pursuing pursue our goals we can  cultivate hope.  What we have to do we have to be very flexible.

Hope empowers us. Hopelessness disempowers us. 

Hopelessness is dangerous because it leads to feelings of powerlessness. Like the word hope, we often think of power as negative.
It’s not.
The best definition of power comes from Martin Luther King Jr. He described power as the ability to effect change. That resonates for me.  
If that doesn’t sit well for you, ask yourself:  how do you feel when you believe that you are powerless to change something in your life?
Powerlessness is dangerous.
This can give us a feeling of desperation. We need resilience and hope and a spirit that can uplift us through the doubt and fear.
We need to believe that we can effect change if we want to live and love with our whole hearts.

Do you find that hope is empowering?

All my love

Suzie Cheel

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30 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this empowering blog post. It’s a reminder that we hold the key to unlock our full potential and create a world where everyone feels empowered to chase their dreams. Let’s inspire and uplift one another, one step at a time.

    1. Hi Monique- delighted you found this post. Yes we do hold they key to unlock our true potential and more
      Yes lets inspire and uplift 💜💜💜🙏

  2. Suzie,
    I believe hope is part of almost all healing. Over the years things have a way of sticking in my brain…and this quote “Hope springs eternal” is always like a happy theme in my head. Helps immensely!
    Love your perspective here.
    xoxo, Z~

    1. Yes Zeenat, I do too! Love that my perspective resonates with you and thanks for the reminder “Hope springs eternal” I was listening to Louise Hay this morning and there is a wonderful example of that saying. xxxooo found the poem
      Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
      Man never is, but always to be blessed:
      The soul, uneasy and confined from home,
      Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
      – Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

  3. I love the definition of power from Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you for that. I was just writing about hope from an entirely different perspective yesterday. In the spiritual tradition, hope and fear are seen as the real enemies because they take us out of the present moment into an attachment to an imagined future. If that future doesn’t come about, naturally we’re disappointed. That doesn’t mean we should veer into hopelessness though. I think there’s a clarity of mind that goes beyond hope, that sees possibilities without clinging too them and is also able to accept whatever unfolds.

    I love the positive energy in your message, so much more is possible than what we might imagine. We just need to be careful not to cling too strongly to our hopes so they end up generating suffering instead of happiness.

    1. Thanks Sandra yes so much more is possible that we do imagine- also I believe comes back to belief is self where the impossible can become possible. I understand that your spiritual tradition and my spiritual tradition see hope in different ways. I see hope as an anchor for the soul not an enemy. What makes the world an interesting place xxx

  4. The part about our ability to teach our children hope rung true for me. When my 7-year-old daughter wants to do something, and we tell her that we don’t have the things necessary to accomplish it, she immediately goes through our house or yard to put together whatever it takes. She won’t take ‘no’ for an answer. That’s hope (and determination) that her vision will be realized. She inspires me to do the same.

  5. I love this. I especially like the Brene Brown quote that hope is a way of thinking. I believe to be so true. It’s a decision that you continually choose…sometimes even when you don’t believe it 100%. I may have to write a blog about that! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. Hi Debbie love that you are inspired- yes reading Brene got me thinking especially about hope being a way of thinking. Look forward to your post. xxx

  6. Very beautifully said. Hope above else excels our miracles is a wonderful way to be. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

  7. Hope can definitely bring in the miracles and a different way of thinking than when we feel “stuck” in a situation. There are always so many more ways for things to work out and exceed our expectations. Hope helps bring that about!

  8. Hope to me is not knowing the outcome so anything is possible. When I cultivate a hopeful outlook I am able to hold the challenges I face with love and compassion and take inspired action, which is deeply empowering! Thank you for this nurturing blog Suzie!

  9. This is well done, Suzie. Hope is something many hold onto when they feel they have nothing left. I agree that hope is empowering, and what often helps people move forward to a better place.

  10. I always notice how certain words go in and out of favor. I think hope has been viewed too long as wishful thinking. Suzie, I’m so glad you have brought it back to empowerment. For me, it opens the sense of possibilities. Nothing is hopeless, nothing is lost. There are always possibilities that can empower us.

    1. I loved reading your words Joyce- Yes just hoping and a wishing has been viewed that way . When I drew the card I thoght I wrote those words several years ago 🙂 Yes possibilities do empower us thank you xxx

  11. I know Marty. It is a card I am happy I included in my deck. Yes hope does keep up going . yes looking at hope as empowering came to me as I have been reading more about it and also writing about it in my book. Thanks for adding to the conversation. Also yesterday I found an old blog post from back in 2013 where you had inspired a post in my Be series: I could write about the power of hope and provide you with a few “tips” on how to find it, but the truth is we already have hope. It’s inside each of us … sometimes, in the worst of times, we just need a gentle reminder 🙂 xxx

  12. Beautifully said Suzie! I think Hope gets a bad rap from many people because they view it as weak – but I agree with your viewpoint about its power. Hope keeps us going even when conventional wisdom says give up! Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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