Your heart opens and whispers: ”Feel the love and expect miracles”.
A new month with many opportunities opening for a new abundant prosperous life.

The focus card for the month is Expect Miracles


Open your heart to receive and let go over clutter no longer serves you. This might be computer clutter, email clutter, paper clutter and remember the clutter that’s in your brain too.
I started today with reorganising my physical desktop and shelves then recycling piles of paper I thought one day I might need. Then there is the computer clutter! From today I will spend 10 minutes a day releasing “stuff” that often limits me and I know I’ll never use again.
What I have to be careful here is that I release with joy, give thanks and let go of any judgement about money spent and feeling of regret that may come up.
You know all those freebies and courses that sit on your computer and you thought might come in handy one day, not to mention the email clutter. I am seeing the feelings of clarity I will have when this is done.
To expect miracles you have to be open to receive and sometimes you block your own receiving valve by hanging on. When you fully love you and do the work those new miracles do come.

The Challenge card is PLAY:

The message for me is to make work my play and allow it to flow with ease and grace. The reminds me of my word for 2017 TRUST: simple, flow. ease and grace.
For me this
  1. Daily live streaming or love streaming as I call it. It’s fun, it has my heart singing and it uplifts and empowers me and you
  2. Sharing my healing journey with you on my blog and on my lifestream so finishing my book become becomes playful and in the flow, not a have to do we start on Monday
  3. My daily rich journalling  to manifest my life my playful life filled with my dreams
  4. Painting daily as this opens my heart to my creative spirit which is one of my feelings of love to play in
  5. Be grateful and appreciative daily for my environment as this brings me fields of love when I go to the beach, swimming in the sea something I’ll be able to do more regularly. I have missed my morning beach walks since I fractured my knee. I
  6.  Creating magical tools, programs and resources for you and me that allows us to say YES TO LOVE, TO LIFE, and TO YOU  and Open our Hearts to Heal and Prosper!
  7. Creating healthier life. Cooking is one of my fields of love I am passionate about.

The Action card is Follow Your Heart

This means taking time each day to listen to and trust through using your Heart Whisper Oracle Cards or another oracle deck .
Then ask a question that might allow those whispers to come in relation to the image or the message
How would I be today be if I was truly aligned?
Another one might be:
What do I need to know today to move forward with ……….
Whatever your challenge then pick up your pen and your journal and as my client Gala says:
The card,  the pen and MAGIC is in writing from Heart.
Allow those whispers of your heart to flow onto the paper.
The more you do this the more you open your heart, begin to prosper,be able to say I know I am enough, I love myself and this will allow you to step into the courage that your heart knows is there.

The Outcome card is Courage.

The more you trust your inner wisdom the easier it becomes to step up and shine. This really speaks right to my core and I am excited for July being a month of really shifting,  opening to change, to abundance, to prosperity and remembering always to find those fields of love to play in.
What fields of love will you choose to play in this month?


Open Your Heart. Listen, Heal and Prosper

All my love

Suzie yes


What is your heart trying to tell you?

Are you listening?

Following it’s guidance?

What if you could go from being stuck to feeling free and moving forward?

Schedule your own July reading and discover how you can expect miracles with your own 1 layer heartscape .

Get in alignment today.

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  1. Great post Suzie. I always expect miracles and through the day say, “I expect and appreciate all the wondrous miracles in my life NOW.” Thank your for the July focus card – perfect for my birthday month…another miracle! 🙂

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