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Last week in a weekly business training on your “SOB”, that’s your State of Being, with Roderick Damian, he stressed the importance of setting intentions and why he did this over goals.

His definitions:

A goal: A future projection requiring a plan to get there

An intention comes from feeling – it has powerful energy, is spontaneous and even serendipitous.
When you are clear on your intention you are aligned to your purpose and you feel happy and full of joy.
Roderick’s definition of success is to be happy and full of joy.
When I feel this I am aligned, he said.

He sees goals as rigid and restrictive, requiring  effort and struggle

Intention, he said, puts us in a state of receiving and allowing.

A complete contrast

This morning, as I shuffled my Heart Whisper oracle cards, I decided to set an intention.

This was to be happy and joyful in all I do this week, following the whispers of my heart.

Yesterday I became very aware that what I was trying to do was in complete opposition to having me feel happy and joyful.

Listening to Roderick Damian and applying his lesson about intention, has helped me to turn that around so that what I was about to be doing now would be in total harmony with my feeling happy and joyful.

More of that as the week moves forward.

These are the cards that manifested from my intention setting.

When you are bold you can step into your brilliance, where there is no shame Share on X

Yes step into your light, as you venture into this new week step out of your safe, sometimes boring  State of Being and take action
What is your dream that will create ripples of change for you and the world Share on X
Then you will have clarity of intention  that leads to


Happiness is a choice we can make as we begin each day. Share on X

Start each day by choosing happiness from your heart as you wake in the morning. Then set the intention in your body to do what will have you feeling happiness and joy, as you are aligned with your true self.  

ME TIME was the fourth card that my heart whispered: “turn one more card over”.  Me Time, appearing for the third time in April, was reassuring me that this month the focus I set on April 1st is continuing to appear each week so far.


Heart Whisper April Reading

1. What is my intention for this week?
2. How do I want to feel?

Write it down, share in the comments and like and follow my page Suzie Cheel Inspires to be on alert for my free readings.

Love Yourself Into Abundance™


Suzie xxx

April 8th Reading 
Heart Whisper

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20 Responses

  1. “a dream that creates ripples of change for you and the world” absolutely love this and is what I follow at all times
    This is something that always brings me happiness

  2. Hey Suzie, I guess we are both on the same vibration this week…The intention Vibration 🙂 So serendipitous that I am writing about setting positive intentions this week too.
    Love this post!

  3. I like the differentiation you explain here between a goal and an intention. I too have always thought of goals as restrictive and rigid. I know lots of people swear by them, but I prefer to set intentions and respond and adapt as I go. It just makes more sense and is a lot easier than trying to force a goal. I do see an intention as being in a state of receiving and allowing. It’s being open and adaptable – which makes for a more joyful happier me! Thanks for this perspective.

  4. That’s it! That’s what’s been missing in a project I am working on. Once I changed the word “goal” in the content to intention, EVERYTHING shifted! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Consider yourself hugged and kissed!! Suzie, I am doing my little happy dance right now! Thank you.

    1. Cindy my heart is dancing too and I have shared your comment with Rod. I love that you have had such an amazing shift, how one word and the feeling that comes with it is as you say brilliant Thank you for sharing xo

  5. My intention this week is to complete all the unfinished projects I have or at least make significant headway to completion. One of my rituals each morning is the intention to stay happy and accept whatever the day brings with grace.

  6. As a life-long goal-getter, I admit to struggling a bit with the concept of “intention.” I have been getting better at “allowing” and the addition of a four-legged ball of energy has certainly helped. Many of my routines are no longer a straight line – and her silliness makes a lot of space for allowing more joy.

    1. Hi Andrea, love reading that you are allowing and that you have crooked routines. I understand your struggle with the concept of intention but I have found recently goals no longer drive me, paralyze me. Yes keep allowing for the space for joy xxoo Thank you for sharing

  7. So interesting Suzie…for the past 3 weeks as I do my regular and frequent fitness routine throughout the day, my mantra has been I am Happy, I am Joyful, I am Grateful. And it’s amazing to watch how many experiences and people come into my life reflecting these feelings.

  8. Echoing your wise thoughts, “This was to be happy and joyful in all I do this week, following the whispers of my heart.”

    Yesterday I became very aware that what I was trying to do was in complete opposition to having me feel happy and joyful. ” I was immersed in several thoughts that caused me suffering last week. Thanks to friends and mentors, I SLOLWY shifted my thinking. And yes, it’s time to set some concrete intentions for the new life after resurrecting from all that no longer serves me. xxoo

    1. Lore I know that feeling and it has been in a training both last week and today on intention setting and to create in a way that we are happy and joyful. Des guided me on Sunday when I felt at a loss and today some laser coaching has helped me shift into a new state of being. Must be time for that virtual coffee 🙂 xxoo

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