Having An Attitude of Gratitude:

As Brad say one of the keys to attracting an abundance of health, wealth and happiness is to develop an attitude of gratitude.  Brad has made this video to inspire you to tap into gratitude.

Each morning Des and I share out gratitude as we walk on the beach and each night before I go to sleep I have recently recommenced  my abundance journal– a record of the abundance that I  experiencing each day in my life. This is called my evidence of proof.  It is a simple way to see abundance in the small things, the grains of sand,the sun warming my heart as it rises over the sea, leaves on the trees, new inspirational people who come into my life and more…… The more we see the abundance that is around us in our immediate environment the less we feel or suffer from lack. When we come from the space of lack that seems to be what shows up. This is something I sometimes still have to remind myself of? Thinking small and poor does not serve me, you or the world.

What do you do when you that feeling of lack creeps into your life?


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