I chose love as my word for 2023 
It has taken me most of January to decide on my word for 2023
I started the year thinking
Why just one word?

Maybe 3?
I had done that back in 2017 and put them on a mug to remind me Bold, Dynamic and Focus 
That had been influenced by Chris Brogan whi then
 chooses 3 words that guide his year. Mike Vardy from Productivityist also chooses 3 words with the same letter this year H, as his guiding principles.

Then I thought maybe a theme and created action phrases  of how I will be in 2023
So I have spent some time journaling and revising these  and I have created these and have them in my daily journal as reminders

I am think of printing them onto card and putting on the wall where i see it – a bit like a vision board 

How will I be in 2023
There are so many reasons I have chosen love
Last week I interviewed Morgana Rae on The Abundance Show about her book:

Financial Alchemy: Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation: (10 Year Anniversary Special Edition) and we focussed so much on the importance of Love and Money:
As Morgana says:
Make Money By Putting Love First- @Morgana Rae Click To Tweet
Then today I read a comment on my new Love banner on my facebook profile from The Card Deck Queen Rosie Battista

That was it. I get told by colleagues I exude love
Making Love Go Viral is my mission   and I will be sharing my story next week of how I know through more love we can heal ourselves and bring more abundance into our lives

I would love for you to share your word or words for 2023 in the comments

Be Love
Feel Love
Radiate love
with love and abundance
Suzie 💜

This is the mug I now drink from each day just to reinforce the power of love
:ove is allaround


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  1. That’s such a powerful word in so many ways Suzie. And I absolutely believe it can bring more abundance into life the more we focus on it. It’s a wonderful energetic vibration to live in.

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