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LOA-trainerI’ve been very fortunate to have been trained, almost 2 years ago now, by Michael Losier, the Law of Attraction How To Guy and I’m proud to be one of his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators.

For anyone wanting to have that experience and become a certified facilitator, Michael’s next training is in Vancouver, June 24th-27th 2010

A couple of weeks ago I got to talk with Michael about how I came to meet him and became one of his Certified Law of Attraction Facilitators.

You can ask Michael any questions you may have about training with him on a live Q & A call or even get to have a 1 on 1 as I did. Got tot this page to get the details. If you have any questions tweet me

have a deliciously abundant day

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  1. Yes this will be the feature of this vlog after I complete the 30 day blog challenge on june 30th. Videos from me that are how tos and videos from spiritual authors- this came from my guides and the not so famous ordinary people who inspire me and others. see you shortly

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