Intuitive Hearts #16 and #17

Mirrors, Echoes and Tunnels


Intuitive Heart 16 surprised me when I first started to draw as I got the mirror or echo effect that you can see on the left. I love the effect of #16a by itself, so I did redraw this after I finished the initial drawing and painting. Maybe that will bring on another series that is mainly drawings.

My heart echoes the love it has to share- Suzie

Intuitive Heart #17

Just love the colors that my heart was drawn to this morning. Interesting these were the colors I painted so often when I had my textile art business. So many people resonate with blues and purples. As I drew this I felt that my heart was in a tunnel that was emerging into the light.


Today I step out and shine my light- Suzie

Are you shining your light today?

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4 thoughts on “Intuitive Hearts #16 and #17”

    1. Hi Cathy,
      Great to see you here and thanks for your feedback. You make my heart sing♡♡♡
      Hope to see you here again

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