Does Your Ego Stop You From Moving Forward?

You might see yourself in this story……Friday I had a big aha and knew that I was moving forward. My computer kept giving my the message that it was almost out of memory!!! My mac had recently been at the Apple DR for some serious repairs and I knew that the wonderful spinning beach ball challenge had not been resolved. I had put off calling apple care to find out what the next steps were to solve this problem. So to cut a long story short, it seemed like the only solution was a reformat. In the past I would have been cursing Applefor not fixing the problem, not a pretty site, this time I quietly followed the instructions, backed up everything, and then reinstalled the operating system. I surprised myself at my patience. I realized at the time that I was also releasing stuff as my hard drive was very bloated and the old stuff will be staying on theĀ  second hard drive, to be sorted out in time. I am now looking at cloud computing so my MacBook runs clean and fast. Now back to the ego story.

On Saturday I woke up feeling energetic, with a smile on my face, feeling full of gratitude. It was time for a beach walk which is always something that raises my vibes and starts the day in a positive way. On the way back from the beach we decided to stop and get some strawberries for breakfast. I had some cash with me plus a card in case we decided to be tempted by other fresh fruits etc. So we bought the fruit and I used my card, thinking at the time- I thought I had some cash- must have left it in the car…… Went to the car, no cash and then the ego kicked in and I went into – how could I etc….. you know the story. Des suggested retracing my steps. I did this to no avail….. I then thought it must have dropped under the seat, then I promptly bumped my head on the glove box! Des then went back into the market and came out holding my $ 15- found where I have been checking out the bags of mushrooms! By which time I had done the lack number, how could I be so stupid, irresponsible, see you are not…….

I really felt that I was ready to move forward on some business plans I have been sitting on. Amazing how just when you feel ready to share you light with the world EGO can kick in big time. I have now decided to make my ego my friend and bring it along for the ride.

How do you make friends with your ego?

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PS: I am currently reading Eat, Pray , love and have just read where Liz finally won the battle wih her mind/ego

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  1. My ego allows me to stay on track. It’s not meant to get rid of for me it shows me where I need to add a little self-love to my human side. We only need to be gentle with ourselves and move forward!

    1. I love that your ego guides you and allows you stay on track- Mine last week was in that fear mode that comes on me when i am about to get out of my comfort zone/ take a risk… Love your advice- be gentle….

      Somehow this got hidden and no pic of you….

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