Expansive Love

Today Valentine’s Day is very much about romantic love  between couples.

Love is bigger than this.

The love between couples will be more fulfilling when it is expansive, when it embraces the love of yourself and others.
Each day  Des and I namaste one another This can help to keep expanding one’s love for oneself, as well as others and even bring more peace to the world.

Literally translated, namaste means,
The Divine within me bows to the same Divine within you.”
And despite its conciseness, this one word encompasses the essential teachings of Hinduism

Do you have a daily practise that makes your love more expansive?

This can be for you, your partner, your family and friends. Might even be for the planet 🙂

I wrote these words when my friend Zeenat asked me what was my one secret to Happy Loving Relationship:

The one secret to a Happy Loving Relationship is being loving and accepting of you first so then you can be loving, accepting and open within all your relationships. When we love ourself  fully, judgement falls away, joy expands, there is trust, respect just is and we feel the peace within. Then we become a mirror and reflect outwardly our boundless love and that is reflected back to us with joy.



Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

 Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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I LOVE your Heart Whisper card deck. What a beautiful experience to receive the cards and the art work, all packaged so lovely AND a reading by you from my own deck. Thank you Suzie! Your reading was spot-on and reassuring for me that I am on the right path with my newest direction in life and in business. Such a fab and heart warming experience. Xoxo Patty Slater
A beautiful reading thankyou. Timely and poignant on all levels– Craig Hoy

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  1. Suzie,
    I love this: “Each day Des and I namaste one another.” I’m not in couple, but that is a powerful practice that we can do with everyone we see. We don’t have to say it aloud or people might think we are wacky. But we can say it quietly to ourselves, acknowledging the divine in the person we see. The world would be so different if we all did that!

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