Take the time to be still, quiet the mind, 

allow your heart to guide you

Allow yourself to just BE- Suzie Cheel 

Learning to just be has been a big part of my healing journey. When I was getting anxious about not getting things done or feeling frustrated my friend Stephanie would remind me that my  work was to just be, rest and heal.

It wasn’t always easy. Learning to BE has taught me many lessons and during a meditation last Friday I came up with the idea to do a series of  BEach Inspirations with a message. One big learning for me has been learning to be and self-love go hand in hand.


I have been sharing my sand writing for many years now and know that many of you love them. So for the month of April I am going to share some of my new BEach Inspirations with a guided quote, while I make  a Daily Inspiration Tool as well as cards and maybe even a deck of cards. Some of you have wanted to purchase just the images too. Let me know if you have a favourite place to buy you images.

I have been thought he alphabet and so far have come up with a possible 70 new images. Tomorow I will start with a Be A word. let me know if you have a  Be ….. word you would like to see here over April.

With love, gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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6 Responses

  1. I love the BEach series idea. I knew you were planning something. This is awesome! I love this. Be calm, be inspiration, be you! Oh the list could get long and absolutely adorable! You might need to go on into May or beyond 😉

    From my heart to yours!

    1. Hi Michele,
      yes all 3 are on the list- I may put up a list and then ask people to add to it- planning to make it a product maybe 365 days of being
      with love

      1. Oh that’s awesome! I would love to assist you in finding enough great ways to be to cover 365! Such an empowering idea!

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