Welcome to Day 10 of the  Love Challenge. If you’re only just catching up with us today go here first to find out what you need to do to get started.

Yesterday I revisited You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. There was a strong focus on the power of thinking positive thoughts, change your thoughts change your life attitude.

I know that for me being positive has been a major influence in my healing process. Writing my book I opened a chapter with the words from an old friend who emailed me the words below in the first few days I was in hospital: If anyone can beat this Suzie, you can,  you are the most positive person I know” more recently another friend wrote  ” What a roller coaster you have been on and anyone less positive might not have survived.” Plus I continually received comments about my positive attitude on facebook.

So what makes me choose- yes I believe it is a choice – to Be Positive?  What does this have to do with self-love I hear a few of you ask?  Lots I say! Do you choose to be positive on a daily basis? Does it come easily or is it a struggle? Today I heard a friend say that she always wakes up feeling like she has been hit by a truck. I thought wow if I felt like that I probably wouldn’t get out of bed. I wake up ready for the joys of the new day I have so much to live for, after all I could be dead. What I find interesting is people see me as being positive when sometimes I am experiencing self-doubt! So I know it is not always easy.

First what would you suggest to a friend who wakes up feeling like they has been hit by a truck? We talked this over and I told her what I did each night before I went to sleep. I program myself to have a good night”s sleep after doing my daily mirror work and giving thanks for all the blessing I have experienced in my day. I then wake in gratitude, and give thanks to the bed that has given me a beautiful nights sleep,  I might recall some dreams, say some prayers and meditate. Then do my morning mirror work. This sets me up to be positive in so many ways.  My friend then shared she had been using a meditation I had sent her and she then remembered she has daily inspirations to read that do uplift her. She does know that we can choose to be positive and as I said to her: It is easy to do and it is easy not to do. 🙂 We have the choice!

Today I choose to be positive in In who I be, how I am and what I say. and I feel my inner critic fall away as my heart opens to love- Suzie Cheel

So today  reflect on how you felt when you got up this morning. Did you wake in joy,with gratitude and love? If not what can you do to change that? You might like to write the above words in your  journal.

What choice will you make today to be positive?

Daily Activitiy:

  1. Mirror work twice a day. I am saying I love and accept myself 21 time in the morning and again in the evening.  If you are finding yourself yawing read yesterday’s post 
  2. If it resonates with you use EFT and Ho’oponopono
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With love, gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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6 Responses

  1. Oh oh another thing I only recently sometimes do that might help.

    Tell the aches and pains “I love and accept you. Thank you.” address specifically like “hey pain in my hip I love and accept you. Thank you.”

      1. Yes Suzie, I find that when I’m feeling an ache or pain if I tell it I love it and thank you it tends to subside. This isn’t a set in stone thing because there may be more too the pain. A lot of times pain stays because we are ignoring something. If we take a second to acknowledge things they often can move on. One of those weird simple things.

  2. Interesting topic. My recent inspired post mentions the topic of choice but more important why some have such a hard time choosing joy. “My Illness” is it’s title.

    As for feeling like we’re hit by a truck this can be a sign of the kind of bed we sleep in, the amount of water we drink, something like adrenal fatigue syndrome, etc. I say we because I have to currently allow time for my body to adjust to being up in the morning. I give myself an hour before I have to get ready because my body hurts. I no longer have a bad attitude to go along with it, yay!

    As I continue to heal I am sure mornings will get better. For now I’m making the best of the rest of my day.

    From my heart to yours,


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