How do you love youHow Do You Start Your Day?

Are you  being loving to you?

Do you take time for you?

Or do you grab a coffee and hit facebook? It’s okay sometimes I succumb. I open the phone and something pops up and i am down the rabbit hole!

I was asked the other day how I started my day.

This was what I shared:

  1. First I check in, while still in bed with my joy level for the day- today it was 82
  2. Then I get up and at the moment I oil pull
  3. Make hot lemon for Des and I , plus a tumeric drink and lemon for me- building my auto immune system after 2 viruses this year.
  4. The I draw a Heart Whisper oracle card – sometime 3 as Idid today
  5. I then journal on the cards and allow my heart whispers to guide me
  6. Meditation time and prayers.
  7. Then sometimes I paint as I did today completing a client’s heartscape or read
  8. Beach for a 30-40 minute walk and swim in the sea
  9. Then my back exercises and 3 days a week I do aquarobic back exercises either in the sea if the tide is high enough or the pool

This centres and grounds me.

Yes it does mean I start my day by loving me .

This was a practice I started on  many years ago and really expanded on as part of my self-love healing journey

The odd day I miss I do notice a difference and I am not grounded, especially if I open my computer or phone before my spiritual time.  My loving me time. 

The oracle card I draw usually is reflective of what is going on for me. I had woken today in joy and feeling  on purpose so when I drew the happiness card the title for this post came to me.

It was this card that sparked a joyful happy state as I began my day and was reinforced as the day began.  The video ( 3 minutes) shares this with you at my happy place.

Discover how full your joy tank is today – click here 

A Meditation to love you more (4 mins)

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I look forward to reading your comments .

All my love

 Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful