Moving Forward With The Passion Test

Passion test-card

Last week I shared with you my approach to The Passion Test.

  1. I took the passion test
  2. Established my 5 top passions
  3. Made my Passion cards

and today I am making my passion steps:(markers)

I have looked at these 5 passions and I have decided to make for now just one passion step.  I am taking No 1 Being an Enlightened Millionaire – creating a ripple that changes lives. When I have achieved that I will have achieved the other passions. Some these were on that original list. So here are my passion steps.

Passion: I am Enlightened Millionaire

  1. I have written my plan/mind map for my goal “Can Your Book Buy a House”- I will share my vision board on this later in the week
  2. My book, video and related products have been sold to over 200,000 people and 10% of the profits have gone to groups like Kiva as Micro Credit programs creates a ripple effect when women specifically are empowered as experience shows it impacts powerfully on  their families and their communities.
  3. The Heart Centred Attraction Mastery Program has inspired and empowered mainly boomer women and others (men welcome) to embrace change, get clarity and discover their passions. They live lives that are making a difference to themselves and their communities. This is the ripple effect in action.
  4. I am living in our  beach-side dream home within walking distance of the sea
  5. I am traveling for 4 months of the years first class for business and pleasure
  6. I live in abundance and joy in each moment. I am traveling at the speed of love.
  7. I have investments of  $500k plus and a passive income of $10k plus a month

Do you have a passion plan?

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4 Responses

  1. I like a post like this. I wonder why this good post very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Please reply back as I am looking to create my own blog. I am sure to keep revisiting to read more.

  2. Thanks for alerting me to the wonderful video. I love that you sang along, I love singing it raises the vibes. I love your daily intention, something I am working on


  3. Have you heard the song “I wanna be a Billionaire”? Save for the profanity, I couldn't help singing to it when I read your post…LOL! Yes, I do have a Passion Plan or a Vision, whatever you want to call it. I intend to work on it everyday!

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