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When you combine love with action you become an architect of changeDeepak Chopra

Last week I listened to some of the Womens Conference: It was for me very timely as well as inspiring. The theme of the opening session was IT’S TIME! BE AN ARCHITECT OF CHANGE. I was moved  and inspired by  Deepak Chopra’s talk  which the quote above came from.

You can listen to Deepak on this video

Are you being an architect of change?
It starts by being the change in you first

Suzie Cheel

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  1. The day I decided to take back ownership of myself was the day things started to change for the better for me. I like the idea of being an architect of change. It starts from within! Thumbs up to the video and your sharing!

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      Yes I really get what you are saying about ownership of self- Yes i love the idea of being an architect of change too. It is also an ongoing process that has the highs and lows. the more we work on the inside the higher the high get and the more we can be the Architect of Change

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