Love is

“Love is what comes from within, loves know no boundaries, love opens the doors to freedom and joy. Love conquers our fears. Love opens ones soul to a higher place where sharing love openly allows us to shine. Love ask nothing in return. Love allows me to be at peace, Namaste.”

My friend Zeenat from Positive Provocations asked me to write 3 sentences on what love is for her special Valentine’s day blog post “Love is…..ever present.”  Zeenat has put together a wonderful collection of “Love is” thoughts and sayings on this special love day : Valentine’s Day

Love being Ever Present just goes to show that we are all LOVE, We are all ONE! No you, no me, just LOVE. – Zeenat

I also received this wonderful quote from Stephanie Rainbow Bell that reminds us to :

“Love yourself first with all your heart,with all your soul and with all your might.”

Sometimes loving oneself is the first step towards truly knowing you. It is a path that I continue to open into and brings me great joy. It takes courage, allowing and acceptance to become free

Like Zeenat says:lets make everyday a love day

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