Sunrise Love

“The greatest challenge of the day

is to bring about a revolution of the heart,

a revolution which has to start

with each one of us” Dorothy Day

Suzie Cheel

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6 Responses

    1. Thanks Evelyn,
      Yes a revolution of the ♡ is a wonderful place to be I think.
      Thanks for the comment re ♡s I have also been doing some drawing and they are all hearts too:)
      love and ♡s

  1. Suzie, I love this photo! I think the quote from Doris Day is brilliant too!
    Everyday is such a gift. To wake up and say today I will start a revolution by spreading goodness and joy – very powerful!

    1. Hi Angela,
      Yes imagine if we all woke up ans said those words each day- how empowering for the individual and for the world- I had just read Dorothy Day’s story- what an amazing woman who truly made a difference

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