Getting Clear About My Now Passions

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Below is what  I worked on in the video and I have highlighted my top 5 passions that emerged as I followed the passion test instructions:

Look at you list and starting at the top ask yourself if I could have only Number #1 or #2 which would I choose. This will help you get in touch with what your passions are. I went with my heart/gut feelings. When you have chosen continue to compare that one with the next and so on until you reach the bottom of your list. Then  you repeat this until you have your five passions.

If you need help with this leave a comment below

This is the list taken from the list I made 2 days ago. My life is ideal, I am…..

  1. Living in my dream home that is 5 minutes walk to the beach
  2. Being an enlightened millionaire #1
  3. Inspiring others internationally
  4. Being a published author #3
  5. Being part of an enlightened inspirational team #5
  6. Having a first class support team
  7. Trusting my vibes/intuition to the point it has impacted my life for the better and I now teach others to simple ways to develop their intuition #4
  8. Traveling first class for pleasure and business 6 months of the year
  9. Making a difference through empowering others through my philanthropy
  10. Having lots of time to be
  11. Having fun in everything I do
  12. Living in joy and abundance #2

Have fun with the process. Share your passion below.

Step 3 will be coming later in the week, in the meantime catch the Authors of the Passion Test on their Passion Marathon

Have a deliciously abundant day

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5 Responses

  1. Hi Suzie,

    Thank you for sharing your list. It's interesting how you were able to focus on the core things after writing it out. I'm going to try that. Gaining focus is so important. (I can see we have a lot of goals in common.)

  2. Chris and Janet Attwood are masters at helping people courageously move to new levels of passion and abundance in all areas of life. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world Suzie.

  3. Hi Evelyn,
    Yes realizing what being enlightened millionare can enable one to do and how this can impact the world is so empowering. Yes I am finding working on my intuition and the joy and abundance that is flowing is beautiful. thanks

  4. Thanks for sharing your list. I found it interesting that what came out as more of a priority for you is your enlightenment. Having money alone does not seem to be it but what you are hoping for is evolving and growing your intuition. Good for you!!

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