Getting Real About My Passions:

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Yes I did take the online Passion Test and I discovered I still had some work to do. I went back to the book and followed the suggested instructions on page 28. Make a list of 10 or more of the most important things in your life, the things that bring you joy. Just set aside 15- 30 minutes and initially close you eyes and visualize your perfect life. When you are ready, pick up a pen and let the ideas flow- don’t censor, let it flow and use verbs to describe your ideal life.

My life is ideal, I am…..

  1. Living in my dream home that is 5 minutes walk to the beach
  2. Being an enlightened millionaire
  3. Inspiring others internationally
  4. Being a published author
  5. Being part of an enlightened inspirational team
  6. Having a first class support team
  7. Trusting my vibes/intuition to the point it has impacted my life for the better and I now teach others to simple ways to develop their intuition
  8. Traveling for pleasure and business 6 months of the year
  9. Always have a $100 plus in cash in my wallet and clear credits cards each month.
  10. Making a difference through empowering others through my philanthropy
  11. Having a cooking show on the net.
  12. Having lots of time to be
  13. Traveling the world first class
  14. Having mastered Travelling at the Speed of Love-
  15. Having fun in everything I do
  16. Living in joy
  17. Living in abundance
  18. Transforming my body by shedding 18lbs/ 9kilos

So that is my current list. In 6 months it might be different.

So go and make your list, let it sit for a day or so. I will be back tomorrow to show the process I used to come up with my top five passion. Then we will look at how you live in favor of those passions.

Have a deliciously abundant day

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6 Responses

  1. Thanks Karen I love that I have nade you stop and think, I know taking this test did that for me. Also helping me focus on living larger
    live with passion

  2. I have a lot of interests but very few passions. But… the passions I do have I hold close to my heart… and embrace them deeply. I move to see them fulfilled in a consistent and deliberate manner in my life.

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