How do you set the energy in motion

This morning I was doing an exercise from the  7 day Manifesting Miracles challenge that Lana Shlafer is running this week in her Facebook group.

Todays exercise was to play this game by writing out or speaking a series of statements that begin with “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. 

I did that exercise in my journal  after I had drawn today’s Heart Whisper oracle card: Follow your heart and wrote the following words:

Follow Your Heart

I thought it would be great thing to do at the beach on our morning walk.

I wasn’t so keen on the word Nice  so I  changed it to Wonderful

I then repeated this phrase: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…”. 

and came up with lots of new instances:

and I had set my positive energy in motion for the day again .  I could feel it.

You might be able to feel it in the video: ( 6 minutes )

Then I said to Des it’s your turn to play. The response came “ I have been saying yes to what you have been saying but I am not going to play at your request!

We then had a discussion and he said maybe it’s the wording. I also have my own gentler way through meditation that sets my energy in motion for the day. I don’t have to be loud and noisy like you 🙂

Then he said: Maybe it’s the wording!

Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

The he said: Maybe it’s the wording! Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

I have completed and presented a Ted Talk

I have a creative VA

I am living in our dream home by the sea

I have finished my book, lucky to be alive

i have my art online and selling

Hay House is selling my Heart whisper oracle cards

I am living in Bali for 3 moths

I have been to Macchu Picu

We are putting in a positive vibration. Wouldn’t and won’t are words that put put a negative vibration and when we change the thoughts we think, the words we speak we change our vibrations which changes the results we get,

The we discussed that  this doesn’t work for everybody, some people set there energy in motion through meditation, walking peacefully in nature  and that allows them to set their own personal energy in motion for the day.

People like me have to have it in a more active way and  noisy way.

I like to be louder, noisy and get excited, whereas Des likes do things in a much calmer and quieter away,

He’s happy to support me in what is going become another one of my morning rituals of setting my energy in motion. This also is helping me make a shift in my mindset.

How will you set you energy in motion today?

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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