This morning I was doing an exercise from the  7 day Manifesting Miracles challenge that Lana Shlafer is running this week in her Facebook group.

Todays exercise was to play this game by writing out or speaking a series of statements that begin with “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”. 

I did that exercise in my journal  after I had drawn today’s Heart Whisper oracle card: Follow your heart and wrote the following words:

Follow Your Heart

I thought it would be great thing to do at the beach on our morning walk.

I wasn’t so keen on the word Nice  so I  changed it to Wonderful

I then repeated this phrase: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if…”. 

and came up with lots of new instances:

and I had set my positive energy in motion for the day again .  I could feel it.

You might be able to feel it in the video: ( 6 minutes )

Then I said to Des it’s your turn to play. The response came “ I have been saying yes to what you have been saying but I am not going to play at your request!

We then had a discussion and he said maybe it’s the wording. I also have my own gentler way through meditation that sets my energy in motion for the day. I don’t have to be loud and noisy like you 🙂

Then he said: Maybe it’s the wording!

Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

The he said: Maybe it’s the wording! Say won’t it be wonderful when. That didn’t feel good for me.

Then we came up with it will be wonderful when……

I have completed and presented a Ted Talk

I have a creative VA

I am living in our dream home by the sea

I have finished my book, lucky to be alive

i have my art online and selling

Hay House is selling my Heart whisper oracle cards

I am living in Bali for 3 moths

I have been to Macchu Picu

We are putting in a positive vibration. Wouldn’t and won’t are words that put put a negative vibration and when we change the thoughts we think, the words we speak we change our vibrations which changes the results we get,

The we discussed that  this doesn’t work for everybody, some people set there energy in motion through meditation, walking peacefully in nature  and that allows them to set their own personal energy in motion for the day.

People like me have to have it in a more active way and  noisy way.

I like to be louder, noisy and get excited, whereas Des likes do things in a much calmer and quieter away,

He’s happy to support me in what is going become another one of my morning rituals of setting my energy in motion. This also is helping me make a shift in my mindset.

How will you set you energy in motion today?

Share in the comments below or come and add to the conversation in the Heart Whisperer Movement on Facebook

All my love

suzie-cheelLive with love, smile often and be forever grateful
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42 Responses

  1. I agree with the negative connotations of ‘won’t’ and ‘wouldn’t’ as they both contain an abbreviation for ‘not.’ Love your positive spin on this practice!

  2. I love this self-nurturing practice and your list of it will be wonderful when… We share quite a few of them! Choosing an empowering way to express ourselves is essential to embodying and manifesting our truth! Thank you so much for the encouragement!

  3. This post asks a great question, Suzie. I like your “won’t it be wonderful when” and I am using your example to create a phrase that works for me. Thank you!

  4. Inspiring video. I love the suggestion “to put positive energy in motion” each day. I’m more like Des and prefer to do it quietly – through yoga, meditation, positive thought reframing, etc.. I do believe, like you that it is a conscious choice available to us all at all times.

  5. What a great exercise to do! And in doing so, we often discover that in actual fact, we have a lot of the things we believe our life would be wonderful if The amazing thing is that when we think about how our life would be wonderful if, we discover that many of the things we hope for, are already here! Thank you 🙂

  6. Awesome Suzie. Being able to work through the phrase that resonates is so vital. And I don’t know about you but sometimes the phrase changes as the days progress. Funnily enough I have used the idea of something being wonderful too…just in the present tense… ‘isn’t it wonderful now that…’ I know this isn’t for everyone but it seems to work well for me.

    It’s also great that you and Des were able to talk through the ideas together. I love that! 🙂

    1. Hi Elle I agree with you about changing the words as the mood takes you. We have to do what feels good for you. Yes Des helps me get out of humps and get clear- so blessed xxxx

  7. I do this somewhat differently as I set my intentions before I go to sleep. It may be for something the next or day or in the future. I give my brain a chance to work on it and connect to the spirit world while I sleep.Then during meditation, I connect again but on a more subtle level.

    1. Joyce thanks for sharing your story of what you do. I know doing thins at night is a wonderful way to have one fall asleep too. I am going to try that tonight as i love connecting withe the spirit world more while I sleep, rather than just when i meditating and talking with my guides xxx

  8. Love the brainstorming session to come up with “It will be wonderful when……” Leaves open so many possibilities. Thanks for the idea of how to process our energy. You are an inspiration and I love the vibrant colors on your images as well.

  9. I love the way you and Des dialogued about this and how you respect each other’s natural style. My life is wonderful now! I’m not planning on waiting for “when.” 🙂

    1. Thanks Sandra. My life is wonderful too, just a few missing elements that would make it even more. I love the energy that I get from dreaming big too. Yes Des is my best coach too, so blessed xxx

  10. I love how I could feel the energy shift just thinking about those words – and how powerful it is when we are all present in the moment consciously moving up the vibrational scale.

  11. Ah, yes those are lovely and have done similar exercises. It feels so uplifting! I also like What would it take…I use this when trying to get out of my head when it comes to overcoming a challenge but rather allow my intuition and divine guidance to give me direction. Thanks for your lovely message today, Suzie.

    1. Theresa thanks for adding to the conversation, It is amazing how uplifting this practise is . Yes when to follow our what i call heart whispers i get clarity too xxx

  12. The wording makes a big difference and I agree with you and Des, Suzie. I feel more positive with the words ‘will’ and ‘when’. Maybe it’s the individual energy but reading the post and trying out the exercise for size, I definitely felt more energized with your new wording. It became a matter of timing rather than the caveat of an ‘if’ which for me feels that there is something outside of my control that can prevent me from manifesting my desire.

    1. Love your comment Vatsala, Des is more sensitive to words than I am. Love you tried out the exercise for size. Interesting take on the word if- yes when is much more definite xxxx

  13. I’m feeling so inspired now, adding this to my morning ritual tomorrow for sure! I might even change it a bit more to ‘it’s wonderful that…’ ??

  14. Love this. Won’t it be wonderful when…what fun to answer that question with such a positive message. In may case, won’t it be wonderful when I go to Africa, won’t it be wonderful when I write for myself and not other people, won’t it be wonderful to live on a Caribbean island. Thanks for perking up my day with these thoughts!

  15. Hello Suzie, I love your realness in this post. Keep it all simple and really looking at your life. Honouring ourselves by taking our time. Love your website.

    Jacq xx

    1. Welcome Jacqueline great to see you here . Thanks for taking the time to comment and all you uplifting comments thank you xx Yes loving ourselves is a lifelong job

  16. You know Suzie, regardless of the wording, I just love your process of working through things. Process is so important and sometimes we overlook that in our hurry to get results. Inspiring as always!

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