You will get your results immediately when you finish the quiz and they will be emailed to you as well with a daily exercise to monitor your daily joy level. So make sure to put in your name and email below.
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Health: "Our health is our wealth" How joyful are you about your health?


Relationships. Rate your overall joy level for your primary relationships - family and close friends.


Business/Career. What's your regular level of joy you feel daily about your business or career? If you don't have a business or career use your daily life as the area for joy.


Finances: how joyful are you when you consider your current and prospective financial situation?


Spiritual/Inner life: What joy do you have about your "higher self" - think peace of mind, clear sense of purpose and worth...?


Self Love: What level of joy do you have in terms of loving yourself, as evidenced for example in giving priority to you first, to your health, your needs?


Vision: What level of joy do you experience when you consider your vision for your future? Does your picture bring you joy?


Energy: How joyful are you about your regular energy levels? Do you wake up highly energised and maintain that throughout out the day?


Loving Your Body: How do you score for joy about your body (as it is)?


Contribution: What joy score do you give yourself for your contribution, to the community, to others?

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