Radical Gratitude: Pain Into Peace with Deborah Grant Perdue

The Abundance Show  Radical Gratitude: How to turn your pain into peace with Deborah Grant Perdue

This will be so special as we explore…….

Being radically grateful is not always easy but incredibly worthwhile. Our attitude truly affects our lives, and living with gratitude is powerful beyond measure.

Deborah is the author of the beautiful Grace of Gratitude Journal, and four other gratitude books, loves to share the powerful practice of gratitude. She teaches workshops and classes and is an award-winning book designer.

You can find her blogs here and listen to her talk on the same subject at Graceofgratitude.com where you can sign up for free daily Gratitude Reflection emails on the home page

Deborah Perdue is the author of five books on Gratitude, www.graceofgratitude.com

We explore these books on the show

Sharing the power of gratitude is her passion and calling! She also loves teaching workshops, classes and facilitates retreats.

Deborah has been a licensed practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living for almost 16 years.

She lives in a dome home in the forest in beautiful Grants Pass, Oregon with her husband, and their beloved pets.

She is also an award-winning book designer www.illuminationgraphics.com

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