Your Weekly Heart Whisper

I asked yesterday in Your Weekly Heart Whisper: Do you find that holding on to “stuff”stops you? Maybe even holds you back?

I know on Saturday as I was clearing a mountain of paper and many folders full of courses I felt my heart whisper it’s time to let go.  I felt good as I filled our paper recycling bin many times. I had courses that maybe one day I would revisit, not very likely. Piles of notes that one day might be useful. Yes I am a bit of a hoarder.

I then looked at all my textile art work that I have painted and stitched over many years. I have been holding on for a variety of reasons.

I like to have my art around, problem now I have started painting on paper and canvas, is that I have more shelves full of my art. You can only hang so many pieces on walls. I was also fearful in some ways of letting go of my “treasures”.  I have a new range of small textiles pieces  I keep talking about making.  I see that my holding on has been holding me back.

Watch the video  and see if it triggers any holding onto patterns for you.

So you can see that I have decided to release the scarves, next will be the quilts, yes the ones in the video  background and some others waiting for new walls to grace. Watch this space for more surprises.

I know that wrapping up the scarves and sending them to new owners gives me joy while creating space for me to allow the new to come in.

What I have discovered is that in not letting go we can limit ourselves and fear thinking can railroad us. The “What if syndrome”that can bring with it lack thinking. That stops the abundance flowing  as does lack thinking.  There is a healing process that happens when we let go too.

As I release each scarf I can feel joy in remembering the pleasure that making these scarves gave me and like the heart whisper paintings , the scarf designs came from my heart. I started each one with white fabric and then layered colors, like painting on water color paper. I was never able to copy myself so each piece is unique, you will never see yourself coming around the corner.

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Live with love, smile often and be forever grateful

 Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More Joy ♥ More Love ♥ More Abundance ♥

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42 Responses

  1. Hi, Suzie! So true… I try to keep my things organised and without clutter, but there are still some “treasures” I have hard time to go, like my kids’ pictures or even my own from my school days (talk about long 🙂 time). On the other hand it’s great to give it away, I gave all my knitting needles to a lady who will really use them. It was hard to admit I’ll probably never knit again. Or even if I will (at any chance, most probably when I’ll have grandkids) I will just go and buy new ones.

  2. Love the idea of letting go, Suzie. I too can hold on to things, especially project material that I think I might use one day. The colors of your scarves are beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing your quilts. I love to quilt as well and have the stacks of material that I hang onto. I do need to go through it and clean out! Thanks for the great reminder!

  3. Hi Suzie,

    Your post really got me thinking about the power of letting go. Just like we can let go old objects in order to be more free, we can also let me go of old contents of our minds, such as old thoughts which have no purpose except to hold us back.

    Thank you.

  4. Hi Suzie – I love the energy of letting go. This post got me so excited to go through some old art of mine, that I love but also know its time to move it out and create new. There is something about clearing the old that feels so freeing and in order to be creative, we have to keep freeing ourselves up to create. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

    1. Welcome Karen,
      I love that this post was a trigger for you, often letting go of our art can be a challenge. since i wrote this post and made the video a new series of paintings is emerging 🙂

  5. Hi Suzie,

    I LOVE letting go of things. I don’t do it nearly often enough but when I do, it feels great. I think it makes us feel great because the stuff that piles up is often a ‘should do’ trigger. I should review those course notes. I should read that book. I should keep those meeting notes just in case… Have fun letting go!

    1. Yes it is a great feeling when we release. I love the should do trigger, my studi is full of those not to mention the computer.
      I just found 2 bags of hand clips i was going to one day make an artwork out of- ebay i think as they would be too heavy for me to send anywhere 🙂

  6. It’s my hubby who has a difficult time letting go of “things.” Do you think that men and women approach letting go differently? Seems that many of my female friends complain about husbands/partners who accumulate clutter.

  7. Hi Suzie,

    Congrats on letting go! I do believe that only when you get rid of the old can you truly welcome the new. And it is true with ideas and beliefs, not only the material things. Very much looking forward to your new creations!!!

    1. Hi Karo,
      thanks it is a slow process for me that I am working on speeding up as i am already beginning to see new doors opening.
      Well it has heralded a new style of painting for me, so the textile work will be interesting to see what the heart whispers .

  8. Suzie, after meeting you the other day, I read your words and hear your voice, nice!

    Thanks so much for reminding me of the power of releasing. So needed.

    Oh! And I’ve set aside some time to visit your Etsy shop…I’m thinking a piece of yours would be just the thing to wrap myself in as I heal.


    1. Hi Sue,
      Thank you it was great to meet you too. Almost like in person, I just love skype.

      Yes with release come freedom i feel.
      That is awesome, I look forward to making you a special wrapping I can post to you with the scarf.
      with love
      Suzie xx

  9. Suzie, thank you for another wonderful post. I agree that it is never easy to let go of some things from the past especially the ones that we created ourselves. Yet, as they say, a closed door surely opens another one. Letting go can bring us good new things in the future. Thank you for sharing. Great!

  10. Letting go of ‘stuff’ seems to be a good thing Suzie and it must be a pleasure to be sending your scarves off to new homes but also the clearing out!
    We are finally doing some renovating of our home, which means Masses of clearout – so I have this year set aside to clear out the old, be it stuff or emotional, and keep what’s positive, beautiful, functional, or fills me with Love 🙂
    It’s tough, but creates growth and freedom.
    As usual, a lovely post Suzie, full of wise words and deep feeling,
    Jacs 🙂

    1. Hi Jacs, your words delight my heart, thank you. Yes my letting go is more than just the scarves, there is fabric that one day i might etc, yes it does feel good and as i sent of a sarong/wrap recently to USA I really enjoyed the process.

      Good luck with the year long clearout Suzie xx

  11. Thank you Suzie for another brilliant post. It takes courage to let go of the old. What we’ve built holds beauty and meaning for us. Yet there is never a shortage of new ideas and creativity. It really is safe to let go of the old! Martine

    1. Martine it also bring a smile to my heart when you visit, and so true about the ideas and creativity- they just keep rolling in – yes I know it is safe, part of me has a hold on tendancy LOL

  12. I love your Suzie TV! So nice to see you and hear your lovely voice. Household things are something I don’t get attached to too much, but training papers that’s another story. I can relate to what you say about “may be some day I will re-study this material” It’s time to go and say good bye to them to make new space for new trainings I am taking at this moment. Perfect timing for me to just do it! Great post! Beautiful scarves. What a gifted lady you are!

    1. Hi Delmy,
      Thanks for you positive comments, makes my heart sing. Just thought as I read that your comment, i could see releasing my stuff as a way for the new to come in- start with a clean sheet, like I do with each painting

  13. I love your energy, Suzie, and seeing you on video is wonderful!

    I’m quite good at letting go of ‘stuff,’ as I move frequently and everything I own fits in a backpack. I came to the realisation a few years ago that material goods don’t really hold any interest for me, so I got rid of them all.

    One thing I’m not so good at letting go of is relationships. I often stay long after their expiry date has passed, perhaps because of an underlying belief that I will not ‘find’ love again. I always do – first in myself, where I’d forgotten to look while I was busy looking for it from others 🙂

    I figure each one is an opportunity to dig deeper, and explore the opportunity for healing even more.

    Big Love,

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for you positive feedback, I know that making videos is a great way to connect. We were just saying today that if we moved to live say Bali we wouldn’t be taking all of this stuff with us so an interesting exercise is coming up.
      I understand holding onto relationships, I think we have all done it , hoping that a miracle will happen 🙂
      Suzie ♡♡♡

  14. Great blog – I love the looks of your scarves, they are so bright.

    I can really resonate with the bit about courses I might want to revisit…have also done lots of de-cluttering & I love the insight around just in case. My Mum went through the depression, so that was a very familiar term. Now I have consciousness to clear & release. Thanks Suzie!!


    1. Hi Sharon,
      Thanks for commenting and visiting. I hadn’t thought of the analogy to depression, but makes sense. Yes just in case or what if can be real holders back

  15. Hi Suzie, I am in the de-clutter mode also. Loads and loads of paperwork right now… the clothes will come later and yes I have a HUGE collection of scarves….not silk true but lovely still the same.

    And talking quilts…I had a special quilt on my wall for many years…I was an avid patchworker for years. I believe we are led to things…. I was led to patchwork through a group of nursing friends…it turned out to be my salvation when my late husband was very ill for a long time. Since his death I had done no patchworking at all.

    Oops the quilt on the wall…last week I looked at it and thought ..its time to come down..time to go. I also took down prints in heavy frames and replaced them with light and bright canvses….what a difference…..

    I think this leads to to think I might do a de-clutter journal as I go recording the steps as I go to see how life unfolds. I know I am on the cusp of a change yet I don’t know what it is.

    Just loved your post hugs Di xxx

  16. Hi Suzie,
    I’ve had a few ‘release points’ myself recently. You know, you just look at something one day and say “why have I still got that?” or “is that of any value to me .. and why is it taking up space in my life”?
    There are certainly times when you have to let go … and make way for better energy.
    Be good to yourself

  17. This really hits home for me, Suzie! I’m a bit of a hoarder, too, you see. And not just with physical stuff, but also electronic stuff too! My email inbox has been overflowing!

    I resolved that this was the year to let go of it all because I realized that hanging on to the old was leaving no room for the new, and that hanging on to the old was really my symbolic fear that nothing new would show up.

    Well, I’m getting rid of all that stuff – physical and electronic, and new, amazing stuff is popping into my life everywhere I look!!

    Thanks for the reminder to trust and let go! xoxo!

    1. Welcome Jessica,
      I am delighted that the post encouraged you, i too have an overflowing email box that is bulging , do i delete or send them to another email address so I can find something if I need it? Then starting with a clean slate

      Your comment has encouraged me to keep releasing ♡♡♡

  18. It can take an act of courage to let go Suzie, of anything. And yet as you put so well, without being able to clear a space for the new we continue in our old ways. I had the strong sense of renewal and release from your post. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks Elle,
      those words “I had the strong sense of renewal and release from your post.”were encouraging as I can still feel myself holding back. Time to create a more joyful plan of action I had the strong sense of renewal and release from your post.♡♡♡

  19. Hi Suzie,

    You and I must be in the same mode. I was doing very similar things this weekend and my thoughts aligned with yours. The nice thing is one of mine was a few boxes of little darling clothes of my daughters-size 2-4. I was having a hard time giving them up as I worked so hard to finally get my precious girl. We adopted her from China. I could still see her running around my house in those little outfits 😉 I said to my husband I just wish I knew someone I could give them to and knew they went to someone who would really enjoy them. two days later we had an impromptu visit from a friend we hadn’t seen in years. This friend watched our other children while we where in China! Guess who she brought? Her 2 year old darling daughter! Talk about attracting what you think of! It was so freeing to let those things go.

    The next day I got a call on a floor loom I had been wanting to sell, three hours later it was picked up! I’m feeling pretty good and now looking for more to let go of. I wonder what wonderful new things are coming my way? Or maybe it’s just giving me more space to relax. It’s all good!


    1. Melissa that is brilliant- so you are or were a weaver? . i am about to put a cutting table on put local online selling forum . It has sat for 9 years in a garage waiting to find a home and there was always the possibility that one day I would have a studio again big enough for it- well done ♡♡♡

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