Self-Love is The Journey


Self-love is the purpose of my current healing journey. I heard the words back on July 23rd 2011. I wrote in my journal at that morning :

Today I have 8 hours in the Dialysis Ward for both Dialysis and Plasma Exchange. This will be my 5th trip this week. The people on this ward are such friendly people and it is a great atmosphere. When I first went in there last Monday the ward was decorated with streamers etc, I thought maybe a birthday, no I found out later it was the football colors of Queensland and New South Wales.

The message that self -love was my journey was downloaded  when I was having what was to be my last Dialysis treatment. I was just sitting there in a meditative state and I received the message. So this is what this kidney failure was all about. I also kept hearing that this was my soul’s journey.

I wrote in my journal that day that this was where HEART centered living comes in and also The Law of Empowerment – more about that in an upcoming post. I know that empowerment and dis-empowerment are major players in this journey I am on. I slept well that night after watching the movie Beaches and I cried and cried. Now that is a very empowering movie. I then rested most of Sunday. Monday morning I drew the cards Harmony, Power and Soul- Mate and wrote the following:

“It’s all about love, you will be healed when you see and feel only love for you first,  then you will be all that you have to love and to give. When it is totally anchored in inner peace and that feeling of pure joy  allows the awakening that is already you to emerge. That’s the inspiration, that’s the ripple effect!” – Suzie 27/6/11

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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