Self-Love Prescription #1

The Self- Love Prescription Painting Series

Self-Love-Prescriptio- #1- Heart-SpringI started painting again in August and I was planning to continue with the Color Prescription Series I had started in June. I have yet to post the Color Green and The Heart Chakra that was the last in this series I painted before my health adventure. I decided I would start where I left off at the Color Light Blue and the throat chakra. The background to this painting was where I started. I then listened to Anne Aleckson with Jen Gallagher where Anne took us through a meditation I called Heart Spring. The next morning using the painting from the day before I painted the imagery you see above.

What then emerged for me was that this painting and the next one that will follow would launch a series of intuitive paintings with Self-Love as the theme.

Do you have a self-love practice that empowers you?

Live in abundance, be the change and make a difference TODAY!

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1 thought on “Self-Love Prescription #1”

  1. How can people love you if you don’t love yourself? I recall what my girlfriend has said to me one day when I was drunk. To me my self love prescription is to stop drinking and smoking. I want to be healthy because I feel strong when I am healthy.

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