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Life is full of surprises this week I received an email from Abubakar Jamil about this wonderful book. I had responded to a post back in June 2010  and had written a post 12 thing I wish I has known earlier in my life which he has now put together a wonderful ebook with the wonderful Farnoosh

I love the introduction to the FREE ebook that guides you on how to read the book:

Imagine a garden of wisdom with each fragrant flower in it
acting as a nugget of knowledge and illumination. Take a walk
in the garden. Either go down the main path from A to Z or just
scroll around and see what calls your name. Life has a way of
bringing to you what you need to hear and act upon. Follow
your intuition and you will hear exactly what you were meant
to hear.

I love how Abubakar and Farrnoosh have taken just one of reflection from each blogger and then linked back to the original blog post.

So what are 12 things you wish you had known earlier in your life?

Wondering about mine? This was what was chosen

I can’t change how you think:
I can’t control what you think, I can respect that you will have different thoughts to mine and how boring life would be if we all thought the same.

Enjoy and be empowered


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  1. Love what they chose for you! Wonderful words about how life would be so boring if we all thought the same way:)
    I will enjoy browsing around your blog…..

  2. I wish I had known that people can betray and you have to rely only on yourself. And one more thing, life is not a bed of roses, it’s a hard and thorny way and mine wouldn’t be an exception. Maybe many situations from my life would have gone smoother.

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