Oracle Card Reading

This was the questioned I asked  before the reading:

What’s next for me to be aligned with ease and grace?
You see I have set myself a big goal 90 day goal for my Online Attraction Marketing business and it is just a bit scarry!

Here is the live reading 

The challenge is to be BOLD


How does that make you feel?

Then take action by tapping into your PASSION: being passionate in all that you do

Follow and listen to your heart.

Passion-oracle card

Believe that the impossible will become possible when you hold HOPE that the vision you focus on each day is coming to you.

Read you vision each day and create a vision board to remind you daily of what’s coming

Then YES  say yes to love, to life and to you


Who’s ready to be bold and step into really being you?

The You that is wealthy in all ways?

Are you ready to put you first?

Leave a comment below and share your vision

Be powered by love 

All  my love

Suzie xx

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18 Responses

  1. Thank you Suzie I really needed this message today! I’m taking several bold steps forward in my career and feel really vulnerable right now. You are shining a light for everyone!

  2. On the reverse side, my cards for today told me to slow down, take time to really listen, and see things from a different perspective. As it happens, that fits in nicely with what is going on in my life right now. I’m thinking my “bold” is on tap for next week if my intuition is right, and it usually is!

  3. Excellent timing, my friend. My business partner and I have recently made some bold moves and are feeling powerfully propelled toward our next wonderful projects. Thanks for bringing the inspiration and the color! <3

  4. Suzie, you are rocking your YODA vibe! The wisdom streaming out of you these days is astonishing. Keep on being brilliant (and I just loved that sentence: “When you are bold you can step into your brilliance, where there is no shame. “

    1. I love YODA vibes. That was the channelled message for that card. I will keep on being brilliant , your comments delight me and encourage me to be really true to me , thank you, thank you, thank you xx

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