Would you like to have more abundance flowing into all areas of your life?

YES! I hear you answer 🙂

I know I am always looking for different ways to allow my life to flow into a bigger river of abundance. When I more abundance flowing I can make a bigger difference to my life and the world. For more years than I remember I have wanted to make the world a better place and now seems more important a time than any for creating more love and peace.

I am also aware how easy it is to block my own abundance and stop the flow, without often being conscious of doing so!

So where do we start. I always start with gratitude and the quotes I first wrote many years ago:

7 Uplifting Inspirations.002

When you start you day in gratitude you then start to be more aware of the abundance you are surrounded with, is what i find works for me.

Recently I noticed that this is not the same for many other people.

Each morning I walk on the beach and I am immediately open to the abundance that I am greeted with:

and so much more.

As I walk I see people pass me by with their heads down,, their eyes focussed on the square foot of sand that is immediately in front of them. They are not taking in the  the beauty of their surroundings. The abundance of nature in all it’s richness. We can all do that in some ways.

We get worried about what we lack, what we don’t have and that takes out attention away from the abundance we already have. That includes just being alive!

7 Uplifting Inspirations to Attract Abundance Now!


So you can tap into your abundance and allow more to flow I have made a movie with a PDF and some other goodies  so you can be reminded each day of the abundance you do have and ways to attract more. Here is the link to get it: One subscriber has said:

I love it, Suzie, I can watch it every day! The affirmations are great, concise and well chosen. The uplifting music really adds to the experience. Thanks for such precious gift!

Get you copy here

7 Uplifting Inspirations

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with love and abundance 



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  1. A post after my own heart, Suzie! I absolutely agree. I begin my day with gratitude and prayer of thanks for all I have. Then I ask myself what good can I do today, and make sure that by the time I go to bed, I can list at least three things I am proud of. And as you know, I love spending time in nature! Hugs and thanks for the video – it is a lovely treat!

    1. Hi Vidya thank you for your beautiful comment . As you say when we start our day full of thanks live flows , great to list 3 things too, I sometimes slip on that . think that is a new note in evernote for me xxoo

  2. What a creative idea to have a movie and pdf. I love when you talk about the magic in nature and the magic in our life for abundance. It’s always a refreshing break to come to your site and re-anchor myself.

  3. What a wonderful gift Suzie! Gratitude has always played an important role in my life, but I’m going through a major transition at the moment and have experienced a wealth of support from some of the most surprising places – it really has been amazing! If feeling gratitude attracts even more things to be grateful for, then I’m definitely buzzing right now! 🙂

    1. Marty, thank you and what a beautiful sharing. Yes I do believe that more grateful we are the more abundance, love and more we do attract. xx Happy moving

  4. This is so wonderful, Suzie! Thank you! What I have been feeling is how important it is to create a collective culture on the planet; a culture with an abundance of Peace and Love. By starting with ourselves, perhaps this energy will make big waves of change on the planet. Like you, I see how the natural world has so much to teach us about ourselves and our humanity. We have unlimited abundance and my wish is that we believe it and live it! Thanks for these beautiful gifts of abundance! xo

    1. Hi Beverley, thank you, your comment delights me. and yes I believe this energy will make big waves of change on the planet. and love that you see this- Yes believe and live it so important…… xxoo

  5. Love this Suzie. I was feeling a need to reconnect to that I am and all that is good. This is how I find my place too and your words resonate so much. Thank you.

  6. “As I walk I see people pass me by with their heads down,, their eyes focussed on the square foot of sand that is immediately in front of them. They are not taking in the the beauty of their surroundings.” This is so true and has really cleared a block for me this morning. As I read this I immediately saw myself on the beach looking at the square foot of sand. I am reminded how I have practiced that same habit in other areas of my life. I am making a decision today to practice removing limiting behaviors and enjoy the abundance available to me.

  7. Love simple and love the flow of abundance Suzie…choosing the thoughts that stem from love always draws heart-wooshes of gratitude and you’re so right…abundance flows from that.

  8. Thanks for the wnderful video and inspiration, Suzie. For me, I think it would be hard not to feel grateful walking on the beach every morning! 🙂 I sure would not be looking at my feet and thinking about my problems! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Beautiful and inspiring as always Suzie. I must admit at the moment I feel over the top with abundance and the reason for that has to do with a decision on my part to tuck my pride away in the closet and ask for help. Really is amazing what can happen when you open yourself to receive!

    1. I love that Marty “over the top with abundance” Spot on with the asking and receiving something I am practising each day, especially the asking- although the more I do the easier it becomes 🙂 xxoo

  10. Interestingly, Suzie, I’m reading Eva Gregory’s book The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity and your post touches on the very spot where I’ve reached in the book! Is that a sign from the Heavens? I think so. 🙂

    Gratitude in the morning and a sincere prayer from the heart make the day so much brighter. Even little hiccups don’t feel too bad because we’ve shielded ourselves and our emotions.

    1. Vatsala love the synchronicity. You must be in tune with your true desires Yes gratitude in the morning and I love the idea of a prayer from your heart. Gratitude is such a healer and attractor of abundance xxoo

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