The Power of a Smile

Yesterday my friend Lance from The Jungle of Life posted this video and this beautiful quote:

“There are hundreds of languages in the world, but a smile speaks them all.”– anon

This video was created in conjunction with The Levity Project. One world, One smile. Lance was instrumental in encouraging his readers and friends to make a video that he could use for this project. The variety of faces, ages, smiles and settings touched my soul and had my heart smiling too.

I know as we walk on the beach each morning we usually say hello to both those we know and holiday goers as well as giving those we pass a smile. A smile can brighten everyone’s day, including your own. A smile can change one’s feelings, make difference to how you feel and the person you smiled at too.

Did you wake up with a smile this morning?

Will you brighten someone’s day with a smile?

Be Empowered!


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4 Responses

  1. Lance you bring a smile to my heart, you remind me of my light and spirit that you always see and I sometimes seem to hide this. i do so much appreciate your friendship, one day we will meet in person
    with love

  2. Suzie,
    I can just see that beautiful smile of yours as you are walking the beach…something that I truly believe you give so much of…always! Wonderful to have the spirit and soul that you bring to life included in this video.

    Thank you, very deeply, for the gift of love and light you are!

  3. “A Smile is something everyone does in the same language”, as the lyrics go, truly it is one world and only one people. Let’s all smile and make a better day and place for us all.

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