Sometimes, we jump to conclusions and make assumptions of another person
Sometimes, we have pre-conceived ideas and we judge another person – perhaps their past has been different than yours, race, religion, colour, sexual orientation, and upbringing
Sometimes, those assumptions can break hearts – theirs and yours
Sometimes, we say things out of guilt, or a false sense of self protection – not realizing at the time that it is a false protection
Sometimes, we push away the one we Love, because we so fear being hurt
Sometimes, instead of trusting our hearts we settle for something we “know” because we fear the “unknown” , and we convince ourselves that this “right”
Sometimes, we say things out of pain, out of hurt, out of trying to save pride, and we blindly strike out. We hurt the one we Love
Sometimes, we say things that we regret, not knowing how to reach out to that person, not knowing how to reverse a decision. Fearing we will be rejected, not realizing this is a false fear
Sometimes, we must “listen” to another’s heart, another’s mind – the truth (not our assumptions or pre-conceived thought or judgment)
Sometimes, speaking our “pre-conceived truths” is no more than hiding behind assumptions and justifying pre conceived thoughts.
Sometimes, we need – we must, let go of our pre-conceived ideas, and judgments
Sometimes, those pre-conceived ideas and thoughts (even though learned from past history) now no longer stand true – (and quite likely an error in judgment was made in the past, – if based on assumption)
Sometimes, we are not willing to “see” or “hear” the truth before us, we are fearful because of assumptions and pre conceived thoughts,
Sometimes, we must set our hearts free, our souls free, allow ourselves to feel to the very depths of our hearts to give and receive Love fully and completely
Sometimes, one needs to take a chance, and return home to a place of Love, to NOT live in a place of assumption of being rejected. Please do not assume or conclude an issue. Allow your Loved One to speak, to feel, to show their Love for you. Allow yourself to be open to “hear”
Sometimes, Love IS bigger than assumptions, broken hearts and pre- conceived ideas, thoughts and notions.

Written in Peace and Light

And with Love

By: Dorothy Biagioni
Healing For Your Heart Mind And Body

I met Dorothy via LinkedIn and was inspired by this poem which Dorothy was happy for me to share here. Share your thoughts in the comments

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