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Suzie’s Oprahgeous Dream

It’s BHAG(Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Time

There was an opportunity to put a submission to Oprah network to be on the show in December when Oprah is here in Australia, On Sunday I put in a submission, today I am developing a plan that I will carry through whether I get the call  or not. Getting on Oprah will be the icing on the cake. This was what I put in- less a few characters- it had to be no more than 2000 characters.

My outrageous dream is to empower 1 million people, by helping them embrace change on their journey to freedom.My passion is to make a positive difference.

I will do this by sharing, via the Internet, my book Emergings: a meditation on the emotions of change. I created the book 23 years ago, when I was confronted with a life-defining choice, to stay in the system & keep my head down or to strike out on my own. I chose the path less traveled & left my safe, secure, tenured job in the government education system, re-inventing myself as a full-time artist & creating a successful business around that.

As well as the break from financial security, this was a major challenge for someone told at 12 years old that I couldn’t draw.The Emergings book originated as major project for a Post Grad course on change. My supervisor said Just write ‘It’s not ending now’. The book, with my own poem & watercolour paintings, flowed from that

Now, all these years later & after many requests by others,  I have self-published  the book on Amazon:

As one wise five year old observed, the book is about people’s feelings. Feelings of fear, doubt, judgement, exhilaration  all the feelings of the roller coaster of major change, sometimes of out choice, sometimes forced on us.

From my experience & what I have seen of others, I believe passionately that it is essential to embrace change if we are to develop or rediscover our self-esteem. Because without self-esteem we can’t be of much use to ourselves or others. With strong self-esteem we can all achieve our most outrageous dreams.

Like Oprah, I believe in helping people who are ready to help themselves. So I will be donating 50% of the profits ( of the special launch) of this project to microfinance organisations like Kiva & those dedicated to empowering others

My dream for spreading the book via the Internet is for people to be able to read it not just in print but on their mobile devices & electronic readers Harpo help would be magic thank you.

Oprah has been on my dream board since January this year- several times I nearly took her picture off my board when I heard the show was closing, looks like the universe had others ideas. This also reminds me of John Asaraf’s story from The Secret
Watch this space and my Facebook page for news of a contest, a Cyber Monday special price day,win a copy of the book or video of the poem.

I would love your help in spreading the word-

love and gratitude

Suzie Cheel

23 thoughts on “Suzie’s Oprahgeous Dream”

    1. Great to meet you, see we have topics in common, like your last blog post 🙂
      Looks like we will not get on Oprah, still I will get The emergings experience out

  1. Helen Raptoplous

    I am so excited for you Suzie!! I shall send good and positive vibes!! This is a great big yummy goal and I so hope and wish that you have this opportunity!! What can I do to support you? How is it that people are choosen? I have a super good feeling about you and a realized dream!!

    Yippee!! Hooray for Suzie!!
    Helen Raptoplous recently posted…3 Strategies to Improve Productivity When You Work At HomeMy Profile

  2. Dear Suzie,
    Your book Emerging sounds very empowering for all who choose to read it, and the process you embark on to create it is obviously very empowering for you. It is a beautiful thing to desire to share revelations. You do it with wit and timeless insights that invite readers to reconnect with untapped talents and unlimited being within. May life experience continue to enrich your soul unfolding. As you blossom, everyone else does too.

    1. Hi Liara,
      I was so moved by your comment Liara. Interesting your comment about my soul unfolding as that is where my current work has been centered.
      in gratitude

    1. Thanks Stephanie,
      great to have you as my friend- I will be calling on you when I need a boost to get it all out there
      with love

    1. Thanks Rob,
      Looking forward to keeping inspiring you. Also to meeting you sometime- great you have connected with Lisa. Maybe it is time to put some art back up on the web

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