Oprah Flies Over: Suzie and Her BHAG Move On

Change Warrior

Emergings is released to the world So many people asked me did I get on Oprah, sadly no and I am continuing with my BHAG to inspire and empower a million people to be agents of change in the world. What I call Change Warriors. Today I am   launching a special package based on my […]

My Oprahgeous Dream News

The Emergings Expereince

This is an update on where I am at with my Oprahgeous dream. The social media news release today will give me more local coverage. Later this week I am releasing The Emergings Experience and I will also be featured in Pam Brossman’s Social Media Woman Magazine which I am very excited about. This week […]

Suzie’s Oprahgeous Dream

Vision Board

It’s BHAG(Big Hairy Audacious Goal) Time There was an opportunity to put a submission to Oprah network to be on the show in December when Oprah is here in Australia, On Sunday I put in a submission, today I am developing a plan that I will carry through whether I get the call  or not. […]