Emergings Lands In Australia

Australia: Signed copy, postage included Buy from Amazon Emergings: A meditation on the emotions of change is available in both hardback, paperback and digital formats.

Monday Inspiration: To Emerge


“As long as habit and routine dictate the pattern of living, new dimensions of the soul will not emerge.” – Henry Van Dyke This was the word where the title for my book Emergings arose from  and these were the words I wrote then and that was how the title emerged Emerge: to rise out […]

Oprah Flies Over: Suzie and Her BHAG Move On

Change Warrior

Emergings is released to the world So many people asked me did I get on Oprah, sadly no and I am continuing with my BHAG to inspire and empower a million people to be agents of change in the world. What I call Change Warriors. Today I am   launching a special package based on my […]

How To Learn From A Missed Opportunity

Ducks In A Row

Do you sometimes feel you have broken through and shifted a pattern that has been disempowering for you? It’s a great feeling: wow you think, I am moving forward. You have a goal that you have shared with the world and you are ready to move on it. But are you really ready? Have your […]