Lucky To Be Alive: My Year Of Living Positively

Lucky To Be Alive: My Year Of Living Positively

my Year of Living posiivelyWhen you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius

My Year of Living Positively: Lucky to be Alive is the title of the book of my healing journey that I am writing this month. Why lucky to be alive I hear you ask? Well these were the words that rang out for me when the specialist said I had “something around me” and my GP said that 5 years ago they would have been finding out what the cause was from an autopsy. until then I had not taken on the severity of my illness– probably a good thing on reflection.

This was not my first near death experience (NDE). At 16 I has been hit by a car and my heart stopped and I was in a coma for a week. The words”You don’t know how lucky you are to be alive“came out of my mother’s mouth more than once over the ensuing years.

I have been on a journey  for the past 18 months and although I know my kidneys have healed, I have yet to get the medical clearance and I have been given a few other challenges to work with over the next 6 – 18 months. mainly from the medication I was on a year ago I have sustained crush fractures in my vertebrae. 6 months is my picture, 18 months the time I have been told if I follow what is quite a rigorous regime the time it will take for my bones to regrow and the osteoporosis to be gone.  On this unexpected journey as you can imagine there have been highs and lows, along with lots of insights into my inner self.

Lots has changed for me over these past eighteen months. There have been obstacles, wins, disappointments, love and joy to mentions just a few emotions that I have experienced. You can see from the photo on the mock=up cover of my book that a year ago I had a different look.  Coping with prednisolone -accepting my moon face I will share in the book along with how I maintained my positive outlook on life, my alkaline diet, what I changed and why, what I gave up, the importance of tapping into my creative self and more. This will not be just another book about positive thinking, it is about what I have been able to achieve and how others can do this too when we take full responsibility for our own gift we have been given including our health and start on the journey to our own abundant and vibrant health.

Now I need your help: I am sure you have question that you would like to ask about my journey to vibrant- well almost, abundant health. Please ask below on the comments or send me an email. I know your question will add to my story and help so many others. I look forward to hearing from you. If you are new I have listed the blog posts below that relate to some of my story.

With gratitude and in abundance always

Suzie Cheel

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Quantum Healing Helps Release My Back Pain

Quantum Healing Helps Release My Back Pain


Quantum healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level which is not manifest at a sensory level. Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence and energy – Deepak Chopra

Three weeks ago I was invited by my friend Amy to attend a day on Quantum Healing. Initially my reaction was i don’t need any new forms of healing, I already had my own program on my path to wellness. During the day I kept thinking about it so I decided to do a meditation and then use my crystal pendulum to make a decision. The answer was yes so I went along and to my surprise i discovered a simple way to relieve the back pain I was experiencing. I was happy. (more…)

Painting Out The Pain

Painting Out The Pain

Painting opens my heart to joy and frees my body of the pain Suzie Cheel


 The past few weeks I have been waking up with pain where I have my crush fracture and I usually start the day with meditation and EFT. One morning I heard the inner voice suggest :Why not paint out the pain?.

That morning I headed to my studio and was drawn to the red watercolor crayons which then became the background layer for the painting above. I was feeling a little angry if you are wondering about the black shape that now looks like a bomb to me. Sometimes I am a bit like a bomb ready to explode especially when I was cursing the prednisolone –although my friend Ellie Walsh has helped me make peace with the drugs, well almost 🙂 After completing this painting I did feel some relief and headed off to the beach for a walk and a swim.

The next morning I heard the same message, Why not paint out the pain? and  headed to the studio and allowed the colors to choose me. I was quite surprised when the heart below appeared. I then felt a sense of joy and brightness as well as surprise. I conscious that while I was painting I did not notice or feel any pain.Paint-out-the-pain

The next day I followed my intuition and again headed to the studio to paint something, this time something quite different. As my friend Joy wrote recently to me : “I observe your journey right now, as your body speaks to you, your heart says yes please to life and continues to create these masterpieces that some don’t create at all….” This was one of those “masterpieces” – not a word I would normally use :). I was following my intuition and trusting. I love this painting below and the many complexities I can see in the painting, I love the colors and on the right I can see the pain path moving out.

Painting out the pain

The pain did return later in the day. I usually relieve this with a heat pack and an Digital Therapy Machine I found at a local market.  I am not taking any pain killers as I found they had limited effect and made me sleepy.

Today I have for the first time in weeks woken up with no pain at my T6 vertebra or in my arm. I am doing arm and spine building exercises, following the Save Our Bones program by Vivian Goldschmidt for my Osteoporosis and some energy medicine from Donna Eden, I listened to her talking with Jessica Ortner recently on the Tapping World Summit 2012.

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Suzie Cheel