Lifestyle is a Choice, What Do You Choose?


Yesterday I was writing a blog post for The Change Warrior project  about the current  Change Warrior woman Pam Brossman. I had finished the interview with Pam using what I am now calling The Pam Manifesto: Lifestyle is a Choice,  What Do You Choose? Pam believes we can all live the lifestyle of our choice […]

Does Your Image Reflect Who You Are and What You Do?

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Do your readers and your fans know who you are and what you do? I discovered a few weeks ago that my images on and even here were not matching how others saw me. This video tells the story I would love to hear both your feedback on my journey and your own story? […]

Monday Inspiration: Friendship


Last week I decided to ask a group of friends on facebook to help celebrate a friend Pam Brossman’s birthday. Pam had decided she was going to give here friends a huge discount on her up coming SheExpert event in Sydney, Australia in February. I had this idea and messaged a group of Pam’s friends […]