Do your readers and your fans know who you are and what you do? I discovered a few weeks ago that my images on and even here were not matching how others saw me. This video tells the story

I would love to hear both your feedback on my journey and your own story?

If you are in Australia Pam still has spaces for the SheExpert event so check it out

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  1. Hi, Suzie!

    I know you through Facebook, Simon Hay, and many other friends we have in common. First time at your site – I love it! This post sucked me right in because I used to be in a corporate communications position where I was all about branding. And branding doesn’t just apply to companies – it applies to people, too! To us! How we dress ourselves, how we speak, how our blogs look — it’s all part of our personal branding.

    I love what you’ve done here, and yes, when I think of you I think “color, fun, spunky, creative! and high energy” and your new design fits that perfectly. Well done!

    Have a beautiful rest of your week!

    1. Hi Megan,
      Sorry for late reply to your wonderful comment, I love what you have said, yes time for the creativity to resurface. About to start coloring the world again with my art

      The weekend was amazing and the branding so important. Maybe one day I will get to your expo.

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