What If This Or Maybe That?

It’s Poetry Day in The Ultimate Blog Challenge……….. This comes from my book Emergings: A Meditation on the Emotions of Change. I was going to share this after a new friend Jane Taylor chose this card from many as it spoke to her and related to where she was feeling at in her life at […]

Are you a Linchpin? Or Does Your Lizard Brain Stop You?

Resistance from Linkchpin

Do you get stopped when you know you are ready to be the artist who ships? Does The Lizard Brain stop you. This is where the resistance comes in…… The lizard brain is that little voice inside your head that tells you that it’s too risky or that you should just follow orders. It is […]

Are You Ready To Take Action?


Or Do You Hold Yourself Back? Do you sometimes have a task to do that you know will both empower you and move you forward? Today I took action on a exercise that will create space, clear the clutter and give me and the space I live and work in more energy. I have been […]