Or Do You Hold Yourself Back?

Do you sometimes have a task to do that you know will both empower you and move you forward? Today I took action on a exercise that will create space, clear the clutter and give me and the space I live and work in more energy. I have been sitting on this  exercise since  last Saturday and I filed it away. Too HARD!

I then remembered that Brad Yates had an EFT video that I have used on another occasion when I was putting things off. Here is the video.

After doing this tapping sequence I looked at the task in hand and discussed it with Des as we walked on the beach. Des besides being my soul mate is a brilliant coach. I call him my beach coach because often when we are walking on the  the beach he helps me get clarity and focus.

What we worked out was that I needed somebody to help me with the project, he volunteered to take me through the questions and record my answers as we moved around the house. I had thought the exercise would take at least 2 hours. Infact we started at  3pm  and we were finished in 50 minutes.We realized that if I had tried to do it myself I might have have got stuck.

Sometimes it helps to have a buddy to get you started and through the stuckness.

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8 Responses

  1. Des ….
    “it's always easier to help someone else make tough decisions than to make one's own!”
    How true! So easy to be objective when you are not standing directly in the “stuff” yourself!

  2. Evelyn & Ellie

    Suzie is blessed having you as friends and colleagues. And it's always easier to help someone else make tough decisions than to make one's own! 🙂

  3. Hi Ellie,
    Okay I 'll send Des over, maybe we can teleport him:) Yes I will share how I did this- just making my version and will make a video.


  4. Hi Evelyn,
    Yes it is abundance having Des as my soul mate and yesterday he did it again in helping me get real clarity on my brand, I am so blessed

  5. How wonderful that you have Des to work together with!! Having someone who is your soul mate and who can help you gain clarity is abundance!

  6. Ahhh Sounds Great Suzie!
    I certainly could use some help with clutter around here… so send my cousin over to walk on the beach with me…. Oh no beach here – but we could walk around the mountainside…..
    So please share with us the questions…..

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