Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. – Oprah Winfrey
Thankful Thursday

Last week I made a video for World Gratitude Day because I am so grateful for my life and my continually improving health. I had just received great news about my health. My kidney function was back in the normal functioning range GFR >90 and for the first time since my kidney failure back in July  2011 my urine was the specialist said: “pristine”.

If you have never had any kidney challenges this will mean little to you for those of you who have you will know it means that there is no blood or protein leaking from the kidneys and that one’s creatine levels are low. Mine is now at 56 in July last year it was 1200 plus.

I went to the appointment last week with the specialist, knowing that all would be good and picturing not having to return until January 2013 to see him.  I expect to get a clearance then.

I am so grateful I know that focusing on the positive and being grateful every day has had a big impact on my return to wellness.  I know I am still on my journey to vibrant wellness and I am not grateful that each day I have more energy and I am excited about moving forward with my life.

NEWS ALERT: Studio Sale Starting Monday 7th October
Suzie Cheel Handpainted originalsI have made changes and one of the big ones for me is about releasing the past so my new path with has been inspired by the journay of the past 14 months can unfold and I can share my inspiration my art and my story with the world.

Back in June I was going to have an online Studio Sale- Read the details here , unfortunately I thought I was better than i really was and lifted a box out of the cupboard that antagonised the crush fractures I have in my back.

NOW I am finally having that sale and if you would like to get the details, know when I  am going to do some live video so you can see the real thing and show you how you can wear the scarves and hand the quilts.  You will also have the chanse to win a Suzie Cheel Handpainted Original . If you would like to get a first look just put your name in the box below. What Are You Grateful For Today?
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  1. Dear Suzie, I know what it is like to have kidney trouble. My Mother, who was on maintenance medication for her lung fibrosis had reduced kidney function and was on a renal diet to stay under control. I am so glad you are improving, I know how much that means. I too am thankful, together with you, for the progress. I pray for your energy and health. Much love to you. Vidya.

    Gratitude is a beautiful process, and so rewarding!

    1. Dear Vidya,
      Thanks for you love and support, yes I know keeping a daily gratitude journal is empowering. I believe my kidneys are healed and i put a lot of it down to going on a high alkaline diet. I am using the same diet with additions to now heal the osteoporosis and my back fractures at the same time my patience increases and i am being so much more gentle with myself
      all my love Suzie xx

  2. Nice post:) I’m thankful for this amazing new path my life has taken this year and I look forward to where it will take me.

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