The I Am Enough Challenge

2 weeks ago I set myself a 77 day I Am Enough Challenge.  Read about it here

Not being enough is like a disease that keeps us stuck. Our body, mind and spirit hear and feel it when we are not enough.  So I started doing  I am enough daily actions. 
Have I noticed any changes? Yes  

This week a very big shift. I was stuck, I wasn’t moving forward powerfully as I had visioned myself doing. I finally had my Heart Whisper Oracle Cards that were empowering other Heart Whisperers around the world.

Something was amiss.  Des commented every time I picked up my planner it looked like I was carrying a dead weight.


I had a real breakthrough

I realised I was still doing what others were telling me I should do, I wasn’t listening to what I teach and inspire others to do: Listen to the whispers of my heart.

The I am enough practice I started 2 weeks ago is creating shifts for me. The passion for what I do is coming back. Helpful people are showing up and I am excited about the path I am walking.

As I was walking on the beach this week saying I am enough I heard: “Yes you are more than enough”

To help you make a shift that may create a breakthrough like it has for me, I decided to set up a 7 day I am enough challenge. Plus it is fun to share with others.

I will be sharing the tools I am using with you each day, via email and in The Heart Whisper Circle

I dare you to join in and see how 7 days of acknowledging “I am enough”  creates shifts for you.

To join the challenge put your details in the form and watch your email at the weekend to get you prepared to start on Monday and and get a special fun accountability sheet.

I look forward to sharing the magic with all who choose to join the I AM ENOUGH  challenge

all my love

suzie-cheelListening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More FUN ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥ Vibrant HEALTH ♥

I am enough mugDo you know you are enough?

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  1. Hey Suzie – I’ve been focusing quite a bit lately on paying attention to the Universe; I do believe your “I am enough” message has reached me for a reason! Thx chica!!

  2. Suzie, guess what Heart Whisper card I pulled this morning!!!! “Knowing. knowing you are enough allows you to let go and trust, then watch your life transform.”
    I am enough!

  3. I never say yes to things like this, and here I am saying yes, I’m in. Yes, I am enough. I thought I had healed the painful memories, but they started creeping up. I tried pushing them away- no luck. So, I’m in

    1. Hi Roslyn, I know the feeling, Once we get on the path to self-mastery there is always a new path to walk that helps us come closer to our magic and our true mission this process is helping me. Great to have you on board. xxoo

  4. Love that you are sharing your breakthrough with us all! Yes, I am enough and yet often the world doesn’t seem big enough for me. I am in and look forward to your 7 days of enough prompts! The more of us who accept ourselves as enough…the more love, peace and compassion we will spread out into the world. xo

    1. Beverley that is so true: The more of us who accept ourselves as enough…the more love, peace and compassion we will spread out into the world. Yes I am totally into a greater love of ourself so we can create the ripples of change one person at a time. xoox

    1. Thanks Marty I hope so , I find the ego still dropping in and pulling me away, So this practice is helping me focus and sharing it I am seeing reinforcing the move back to my art xxoo

  5. Suzie, so true!!! When we think of the terrible pressures on women to be everything to everybody, in business, the arts, as mothers, partners, we are raising girls who get the message early that someone else’s standards are the only option and that somehow they naturally lack what it takes. Loved that video so much as it really points up that a new message needs to sink deeply in, beyond the surface, that we are born enough and that never changes. Being able to tap into the inner energy that no one else can do better for us is golden. <3

    1. Thanks Elsie, This morning I thought what have I done and I read your comment in the circle and thought yes I am going public with this for me and for those who choose to want to be even more than enough and have more than enough xxoo

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