The Abundance Show  with Sydney K Allen

The Heart Whisper Healing Story

Sydney shares her healing experience with the cards

Then I do a mini reading for her business

Sydney is an intuitive oracle card reader and energy healer and life long seeker for joy.

Her years in energy medicine school taught her the greatest lesson about healing.

That healing is a alignment with who you really are rather than who you’re expected to be.

Suzie has been hugely instrumental in me beginning to truly honor that without being in constant battle with every convention and expectation that I have encountered since adolescence.

With all of her power tools of law of attraction and her amazing Heart Whisperers deck

Working with this deck opened places in me I believed were locked up forever behind my fear of being hurt, and proving my worthiness. These gentle reminders in this deck open your heart and remind you of the wild precious being you truly are. And now the favorite part of my work is using these cards to help others remember their own preciousness and step into the life they truly desire.

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