There is Only One Godself……..

And It’s In Everyone Of Us…….

A post by Jeanette Maw at Good Vibe Coach What Quiff are you Poppin ? has both inspired and brought back memories of this song: It’s In Everyone Of Us. The words: there is only one godself and it’s in everyone of us  and we grow from that.” were spoken by Dr Fred Alan Wolf in the interview where he talks about “poppin’ the quiff.” (Quiff being short for quantum wave function) and the film he featured in What The Bleep.

My memories of this song take me back to one of my first  awareness workshops back in  1986 at an Insight Seminar facilitated by Dr Erica Yeates. I remember this being a time of real awakening for me. I had already started my  collection of  Personal Development books  and had read Creative Visualization and You Can Heal Your Life”

At the time I was in charge of Child Care  in  TAFE and one the my colleagues  Lindel Barker put a brochure with a voucher on my desk,  I think from memory the cost was just $100,  and said she thought this would be good for me or words to that effect. I must have been ready. I went to this 2 nights plus weekend seminar and that started me on a path of growth that continues today.  I will always be grateful to Lindel for her gift. This Seminar Insight 1: The Awakening Heart Seminar was a heart awakening  experience for me and a turning point in my life. This song was used in the seminar and still moves me today and takes me back in time, when I hear it.

It’s in everyone of us to be wise
Find your heart
And open up both your eyes
We can all know every thing
Without ever knowing why
It’s in every one of us by and by

It’s in every one of us
I just remembered
It’s like I’ve been sleeping for years
I’m not awake as I can be
But my seeing’s better
I can see through the tears

I’ve been realizing that
I bought this ticket
And watching only half of the show
But there’s scenery and lights
And a cast of thousands
Who all know what I know
And it’s good that it’s so

It’s in every one of us to be wise
Find your heart
And open up both your eyes
We can all know every thing
Without ever knowing why
It’s in every one of us by and by
It’s in every one of us by and by

lyrics by – David Pomerantz

Do you have a song that brings back memories for you about a special time of growth in your life?


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Suzie Cheel

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Suzie Cheel The Real Deal BE YOU BECOME ABUNDANT is her mantra Suzie is a Creative Gamechanging Visionary, Artist, Author, Intuitive Healer & Speaker. Law of Attraction trainer. The founder of The Heart Whisper Movement, creator of the Heart Whisper Oracle Cards that were born out of a near death experience, when her kidneys stopped functioning. Suzie found her true purpose here. . She was here to open people’s hearts to love. Her mission: to empower people to create abundant lives, through being powered by love and living their passion. Yes, Love Yourself into Abundance™. Suzie now mentors Creative Visionaries to Love themselves into Limitless Abundance & live a life of Freedo. Then they create successful profitable businesses that make a difference to their lives, their families, communities and the world. Yes creating ripples of change in the word of Gandhi Be the change you need to see in the world



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