The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity Part 5

I have had another roller coaster 3 weeks on my rebranding journey and The Challenge of Achieving Simplicity🙂

I know I wrote 3 weeks ago that I had uncovered my passion, I spoke about it at The Spirited Women’s Entrepreneurs about the challenge of change

Then I started talking to some of my ideal clients and asked what new freebie products they would like me to make.

Something to do with the Law of Attraction, several told me  (one said they had been trying to tell me for a while) and I then others had abundance blocks.

Remember the Abundance Queen? 

I found a note from a friend and another Law Of Attraction Trainer and Facilitator Ellie Walsh from back when I was thinking  of ditching the Abundance Queen

Gee – I have always known you as the Abundance Queen…. so that is a hard question for me…. When I think of you – I think of someone who stands for following

your heart / dream – I think you uplift and inspire – I think you do that with your words and with your actions… I think you live your words

I have got attached to being the Heart Whisperer I forgot about where I had started many years ago. Then I had used the Law of Attraction to heal myself.

Time To Let Go!

I have heard that many times this week, in meditation and in my journaling.

So yes it is time to

Do you have a labels you need to ditch?

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  1. Hi Suzie,

    I love your post along with your video! We live in a society in where we cannot avoid labels. Though there are the “bad” labels and the good ones. For example, when someone calls you a fraud, well that is a bad one. When someone calls you a fighter, of course it a good one! Though labels reflect only a part of us.

    Beautiful message, it was a pleasure reading it! Time to shine!


    1. Thanks Zaria, now I have written this post and embraced being me I feel comfortable in at times using the labels As you say we can embrace the labels that are positive. yes it is time to shine xo

  2. I love your honesty about your relationship with “labels” and witnessing your discovery of Self. Life is an amazing adventure… Enjoy the process, my friend. Enjoy the process. <3

    1. Thanks Cindy, That’s an interesting word in the process – enjoy I have experienced a range of emotions along the way. It was funny this week as i was being introduced to not be using a label ?

  3. I love that labels can inspire and empower us but the can also be limiting and we can hold on to them after they run their course. Great to hear those important life lessons through your personal journey.

  4. Love this! So nice to see you on video Suzie. Source energy expressing uniquely through YOU is a beautiful, blessed, and bountiful thing indeed :-))) Yay!

    1. Yes Sandra, I like you mention the layers, it was a big part of my textile art many years ago, yes the clarity that i am so good at helping others get has been a slower process for me. ?

  5. You’re so right about all the labels that we let definite us. It can be hard to remember that there’s a ‘me’ under all of them. But then the labels sometimes bring us positives, as you say, and anchor us to many wonderful parts of our identity too. I wonder how often we’re able to see through other people’s labels to their ‘real’ self too – that’s definitely given me something to think about today.

    1. Hi Ellen yes it is intersting to find oneself under the labels and at the same time quite naked without. You make an interesting point, I always think that Oprah is just OPRAH ?

  6. How beautiful the journey that you share Suzie. You remind and inspire others to dive a little deeper too. We don’t have to be done at any moment but in that moment we can be what we choose and feel is right for now. Labels are there, we do it t ourselves and to others. We don’t always get it, mean it or are even aware of it much of the time. They are perspectives of our journey, understanding and belief up to this time. The real gift is the opening of awareness and desire to contemplate it and evolve from a more conscious place. We are enough. You are enough. I am enough. 🙂

    1. Thank you Teresa. What a beautiful observation and yes the gift is in opening our awareness and I find listening to and following the heart helps to. Yes I am enough as are you and all of us. ?

  7. I am me. Those three words are my key to happiness and abundance. I believe that your journey is guided by the same star, Suzie.

    1. Yes Kim that is so true, I AM ME , somehow for some of us we forget the simplicity of thase 3 words when we forget the essence of who we be 🙂 You have me smiling

  8. Labels are tricky. We want something that is a quick identifier in order to make sense of the world, but at the same time they are not always accurate. We may have little control on how others label us, but more importantly, we can control how we describe ourselves. No label can ever define us completely. And, it’s up to us to decide if we have outgrown a label, then so be it. The whole point of life is to be evolving, and we should be changing that description of ourself to reflect our growth. In the same way, as a business evolves so does it’s branding. However, the key is to remember that customers, clients, and followers have also been evolving. And, that’s where the focus should be to find common ground.

    1. Joyce that is true that no label can ever completely define out true self. Yes we are an ongoing experiment and when we embrace and accept that life flows. Yes finding that common ground is important ?

  9. So true that we tend to put the labels on ourselves and put expectations on ourselves because of them. Sometimes we take on labels others give us, which further adds to the expectations we put on ourselves. How awesome it would be to shed these and truly be ourselves!!

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes it is amazing how we can be effected by labels and how they can block our progress. As i have discovered that shedding the labels can be so freeing i plan to help others do the same ?

  10. How wonderful it is to allow yourself BE the way you choose to be NOW. Love your awareness, your passion to make a differences and your flexibility to embrace what feels right to you, at this moment!

    1. Thank you Millen your words touched my heart and today I feel what has been a struggle as now allowed a new knowing to emerge . Yes we do need flexibility to move into our heart space and away from what we feel we should be doing ?

  11. Oh how lovely to shed the labels. With my eyes on Passover seder tonight, I’ve been thinking about the spiritual work of shedding the veils (or labels) that stand between me and the expression of my heart’s wisdom.

    May you, me, may we all be free from whatever constricts us so that we can share the love and wisdom we are driven to share.

    Blessed be.

    1. Sue we seem to be walking this path side by side. I do feel today an amazing sense of peace as I let go I like the shedding of veils, peeling away the layers ?

  12. Personally I know I’ve been assigned labels by others, labels that I don’t even relate to looking at myself from the inside out. My shyness as a young woman was viewed as that of an “Ice Princess”, and was seen as being aloof and unapproachable. When we did my branding for my new site, we came up with many words that could be considered “labels”. All of them together are the sum of who I am. From a “multifacetist” to a “truth diviner” to a “harmony heroine” to a “compassionist”, all of these are part of the whole. It’s an interesting topic to look at, Suzie. Sounds like you are on a quest to live in love and abundance, unlabelled and free to be…you. <3 Thanks for sharing this, as personally I do not like labels and yet in some ways they become identifiers of who we are to other people.

    1. Yes Beverley, Love this “Sounds like you are on a quest to live in love and abundance, unlabelled and free to be…you” I am and it has been a long quite circuitous journey to come to the peace within and just be me. ?

  13. I must confess that I have always rebelled against “labels” regardless of whether they are applied by others or ourselves. Wife, mother, sister, artist, writer, these are all labels. It takes time and work to uncover who we are below the labels. You’re the realest person I know Suzie so I’d say you’re very, very close!

    1. Marty your words warm my heart, so true that it takes time and work to uncover our true essence. Yes i do believe I am very close, just this morning on the beach Des asked if i was okay as I was so quiet- not how i have been this week as I struggled to let do to move forward. I felt very calm and at peace , the struggle and judgement thrown off. Then I drew the inner peace card. ?

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