off-the-shelfDo You Have A Dream You Are Hiding From The World?

In April 2016 I created my big business dream and I wrote about it here.

Since then I have worked hard to make that vision my reality.

About a month ago I came to believe that the problem was that I was not focussed on my money goals for my business.  I was reading Get Rich Bitch, Lucky Bitch and we were discussing the book in our mastermind.  So I changed my focus and did all the exercises about money.   I already tracked all expenses and have a daily tracker for recording my daily abundance. I then started writing out 5 big goals every day with a money value on each one. This raised my vibes for a while.

Last week, I became aware that my motivation had dropped and the passion was missing. I was floundering and then overwhelm sets in along with it’s friends procrastination and self-sabotage!

Something Had to Change

Walking on the beach I said to Des that I felt I had lost sight of my big vision. I was feeling upset and frustrated. I had put so much work into this and felt I was on the path forward. Now I felt I had hit a brick wall.

Des suggested another way of looking at this. He shared with me a concept he had learned from the late coach Thomas Leonard. This is called “creating a vacuum to pull you forward”. The idea adapts the principle from physics that “nature abhors a vacuum”.  You use this as a metaphor, focussing on your vision and clearing the space between you and your vision. In other words, Des said: “That mental space that you create is  a “vacuum”  and because nature doesn’t like (“abhors”) a vacuum your vision will pull you towards it”.

Doing this you stop struggling, striving and pushing.

This requires mental and emotional discipline, especially for those of us who have been taught that we have to work hard and sometimes struggle to achieve what we desire. This brings in the area that I coach on of allowing. I have all the tools 🙂

So what’s next?

This idea of creating a vacuum to pull me towards my big vision was a fresh insight.  I was even able to visualise this. I am a Vision Board Coach, I have all my Law of Attraction Tools but I had put clutter or even blocks between me and my big vision. So the next thing I had to do was to identify that clutter, those abundance blocks, and clear the space.

Taking My Vision Off The Shelf

I  had to take my big vision down from the shelf and do some serious refreshing of the picture of that vision. Here is where I started First I printed out my big business dream that has become my vision:

My biggest dream is to complete my book,Lucky To Be Alive, be speaking to thousands, make that millions online and around the world, with my Heart Whisper Paintings as my backdrop. Sharing my story of saving my life through really learning to love myself and showing others how to do the same through listening to the whispers of their heart and living their heart’s desire This will create ripples of change and bring more love and more peace to the world.

I then pasted this along with my dialysis download that birthed the Heart Whisper:

It’s all about love Suzie. You will be healed when you see and feel only love for you first, then you will be all that you have to love and to give. When it is totally anchored in inner peace and that feeling of pure joy that allows the awakening that is already you to emerge. That’s the inspiration, that’s the ripple effect. ~ Suzie 27/7/11



Here is a meditation just for you that I recorded live in the Heart Whisper Circle that takes you on a journey to declutter your vision.

Funny how what I teach my clients I sometimes forgot to do myself. We so often teach and share what we need to learn.

This helps me have clarity and allows me to step up into those big Suzie boots.  I have a message to share and leaving it sitting on the shelf will not get my story Lucky to Be Alive written, or fulfil my big dream

Yes, I hear you ask the book is underway. This is the working cover

The TOC (Table of Contents) is complete and the outline done. Next step is piecing together the 10K words that have been written into this new outline.

My next step is being kind to myself and asking each day how does this move me forward?

I would love to hear in the comments if you have a vision that you will or are dusting off the shelf.

all my love suzie-cheel

Listening to the whispers of your heart brings ♥More COLOR ♥ More LOVE ♥ More ABUNDANCE ♥  AND TRANSFORMS YOUR LIFE. 

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facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube You are so beautiful Suzie and I love coming to your blog. It lifts me up and refreshes me each time. Your art and inspiring words always touch me. Today’s in particular was moving for me I am on that journey of complete self-acceptance and self-love.

Thank you for your burst of joy in my mailbox. I give thanks for your posts that always brighten my heart

Suzie, you bring so much sparkle and joy to the world…you are my role model for vibrant living

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28 Responses

  1. Thanks Suzie…for sharing your process with us. I totally get how disheartening life sometimes can be. Sometimes we do need to step back and breathe and remember we are one with life. I trained with Coach U just after Thomas Leonard sold it…that name takes me back a bit.

  2. Suzie, thank you I needed to hear this today. I will follow what you are doing, dusting off my dream and adding a ritual or 2 daily to focus on my dream

  3. Suzie, thank you for being so honest about your journey. So many believe that once we discover the laws of attraction that our immediate problems will dissolve. There’s a lifetime to clutter to be removed and there are times to question and be challenged. So proud that you are moving forward and being such a wonderful role model to follow.

    1. Joyce I think life is just an ongoing journey, sometimes it flows- usually when we get out of the way and other times we face challenges that allow is to grow. Thank you, and encourages your comment warms my heart and encourages me to keep sharing my journey xx

  4. I love this post! I’ve actually been de-cluttering my business as well since I also began writing my first book. It is so funny that I’m in about the same step as you are in the writing process -I completed my contents page and now I’m working on the 30k words. Love your book cover. Congratulations Suzie!

  5. Dear Suzie,

    Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your process with us. I completely understand how you felt disheartened for awhile. I don’t completely understand the vacuum idea. What I know is true for me is that pushing too hard and thinking about it all too puts me into overwhelm. So then it’s time to let go and maybe that’s where the vacuum idea comes in. Sometimes, I think a great part of success is connected to our karma and even luck!

    1. Thank s Sandra, decided it’s better way to be than usually helps someone else. Yes striving not allowing always causes overwhelm for me. I think when we take care of out vibes we attract more of what we do want, then the karma manifests xx

  6. Awesome Suzie! What I needed! “Creating a vacuum to pull you forward”.- I love this concept, my Son and I use regularly. Your meditation is fantastic, I enjoyed . Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Hey lady, nice post. I too am a law of attraction trainer. You share a very powerful process there. Love the vision boards too – if you could see where I am sitting right now, there are 4 around me. Just last night I watched the movie The Secret and it was fun to see again and felt good.

  8. Suzie, your article was inspiring. I too have been MIA on our FB group, so I enjoyed checking in with your blog. My favorite part: “Allowing is the most important, yet least understood step in the applying Law of Attraction.” Personally, I have found when I try too hard to force things to happen, it works against me. When I just write for the pure joy of it and take some of the pressure off myself and “allow” things to move forward naturally – some surprising form of success takes place. Love your book cover – it’s perfect!

  9. Sounds like you’ve got your mojo back, Suzie. Remember that from the very first class we were in together back in 2009? I always appreciate your honesty about your struggles. We all have them at some point of the other.

    You can do it, and I know you will.

  10. Wow, I could feel your energy increasing eve as I read the article Suzie! It sounds like you are really back on track and I have no doubt you can and will achieve anything you set your mind to!

    1. Hi Marquita, love that you feel the energy, staying on track is my challenge as there is a heart tug to just do art, yet i know i have this message to share. Tomorrow is a new day xx

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