True freedom is in the journey
What does your perfect journey to freedom look like?

How does that make you feel?

I asked this question on my facebook page on Monday and  the answers got me thinking about the journey to freedom in new inspired ways.

When I started blogging back in 2006 on the Abundance Highway: The tagline was  Journey to Freedom.  I feel like I have come the full circle and as T S Eliot said:

What I now understand at a deep level is that change is just part of the journey to freedom. When we fully love ourselves, we are embracing the changes we have made, the risks we have taken, the courage we have shown. 

All of this allows us to move towards our own perfect journey to freedom.

We each do this in our own way.

In a way that resonates for each one of us and speaks to us from our hearts.

What follows are the many and varied responses to the question I asked that have inspired me and I trust you will maybe see your journey reflected on one or more of these beautiful women, my friends comments.

Peggy Nolan started the ball rolling and her take on the question got me thinking about this journey with new eyes. I to relate to fear holding me back on this journey.

My journey is far from perfect but along the way to living life on my terms, I’ve learned to set healthy boundaries, say yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no, and I’ve learned to stop asking permission.when I stopped asking permission it felt weird at first because I was a permission and approval seeker. The fear of disapproval held me back in so many ways. Not any more! When I stopped asking permission (or thinking I needed permission from SOMEONE to do X), my whole life opened up. Talk about freedom!

Debra Reble‘s words inspired the title of the post, they spoke right to my heart

 It’s to open my heart, sustain my vibration as love and align every thought feeling and choice with my soul’s journey. True freedom is in the journey!

Zeenat Merchant Zyal inspires with her honesty:

For me freedom is saying “*&*#& it” to what others expect of me and living life MY way. I’m already in that zone….just a little bit more and I will be completely free

Carol Hess delighted me and brought in a common theme of the journey being within:

Wow! What great questions! My perfect journey to freedom looks like listening to the wise woman within and recognizing my own divinity. It makes me feel cherished, awestruck, inspired, free, and filled with ease.

Lore Raymond reflect on what Peggy and Zeenat answered, so important to know, like , love and trust you: What you think about me is none of my business 🙂  

Freedom right now looks like ignoring what the naysayers speak about what I can and can’t do. I just keep traveling my path in sacred service. it’s my life–and not theirs.

Natasha Botkin reminds us to live our way- a point that came through for many.

Being in love with live and living this in my own manner with the freedom to do so with a joyful, wonderful feeling

Barb Parcells shares that aspect of freedom that comes when  from the simple things:

Freedom for me right now looks like living in my own home and being able to take off on my own whenever the feeling hits me.

Kelley Grimes  mentions the importance of responding, a gift:

Freedom is creating loving space around myself to respond and not react. I am deeply grateful to my self-nurturing practices of mindfulness and meditation that support my ability to hold that loving space for myself and others.

Debra Oakland  express for us the wonderful  feeling that embracing love brings.

Being myself without restrictions, loving everything from a place of divine love and light. Embracing love, love, love everywhere I AM. It feels wondrous!

Patricia Raga-Young adds in the important of gratitude, i think that propels us faster on out journey t freedom

Continue living an authentic life, honoring my truth and mission, serving others, being grateful and embracing love for where I am now.

Andrea Patten  mentions that this is an ongoing proces, so true

For me it means paying attention to the things that make be feel “un-free” and taking steps to put a stop to them. It’s ongoing, for sure.

Nadia Shana Krauss touched my heart

Connected to source and my soul inherited abundance, self expressing my divine gift

Lisa Hutchison  shares the love theme that has come through in many answers. 

Rachel Kieffer comment resonates for me as an abundant life reflect back to me that I am free. 

Abundant life, thriving biz and frequent travel.

Jami Hearn  love this, oh to be decadent and fulfilled.

It looks like coffee and lunch on my deck everyday! It feels warms and decadent and fulfilling! XoXo

Joanne Cruise shares the importance of living joyfully, such a part of the journey 

The freedom to continue on my soul path & to support others to reach for their dreams in a way that’s authentic & aligned to their values. To live joyfully in each moment ~ To feel alive & happy with every decision & every choice!

Vironika Tugaleva expresses maybe what we all need to hear 🙂 

Lyn Blanc-Carpenter Yes when we shine our light and love unconditionally is freedom

To shine my light brightly out in the world. To not allow limiting beliefs to prevent me from living my life joyfully. To be in integrity and to love myself and others unconditionally.

Share what resonates for you and what does your journey look like?

all my love

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31 Responses

  1. I was deeply touched by everyone’s response. Each was a unique perspective on freedom. Honestly, I don’t believe I could compare to these responses from a deep-felt and spiritual level. It has made me re-think what freedom actually means to me. Thank you Suzie for such a beautiful post.

  2. Love these wonderful takes on the journey to freedom. I like to think that we can be free in any moment when we let go into what is. So that freedom is not just a destiny, but also moments all along the way.

  3. Love this curation of brilliant heart felt ideas Suzie. You always bring such zest and love of life into all you do. You’re a sparkler! 🙂

    1. Elle, what wonderful words you always lift me up and after a day fighting with my new about page I needed to read this , thank you love Suzie xxoo

  4. Freedom means being me and all that entails. Living life on my terms and loving who I am. Thank you for this post has me thinking

  5. Freedom is about expectations. Expectations can limit how far you go: doing something without expectation of getting anything in return – that is freedom.

  6. This is a beautiful compilation from the hearts of so many women. The comments are a testimony to the love and trust that these women have for you and place in you, Suzie. And I am glad you are a part of my world. Thank you for being so authentic in what you do and who you are.

    1. Wow Yvonne that is awesome and your comment has my heart singing. Thank you for being part of my world, I love how we connect heart to heart around the world xxoo

  7. Loved all of these different perspectives! Freedom for me is being free to be me. Imperfect + incomplete and to know that is okay. Great post Suzie xo

  8. I love how you are holding hands with all the other evolutionary women who collectively are co-creating a new revolution of what freedom is all about.

  9. I love the way you’ve weaved the feelings and expressions of all the lovely brave ladies into this post. A beacon of light for others to share their own version of freedom. I take each day to be an adventure and the journey so far has been quite interesting.

  10. These were all wonderful responses, each one unique to the person who shared it! Each of them resonated in some way with me as well. The one that popped for me, was Vironika Tugaleva’s, “I think my perfect journey would be one that is detached from the need to be perfect”. I totally get that one at some soul level. Thanks for asking the question, Suzie and then for creating this post, so all of us could read and digest them. Lovely! xo

    1. Yes Beverley it was the responses that prompted the post, not what I had planned. I agree with you about: I think my perfect journey would be one that is detached from the need to be perfect yes the more we allow the imperfect to be okay the more we are loving ourselves I believe xxoo

  11. Suzie, I love this post. Such a refreshing way to share your thoughts, as well as those of your friends! Thanks for always being colorful & playful! xo

  12. Wonderful examples Suzie! For me, freedom is simply being able to live life my own way. I am really enjoying what I’m doing now, working hard there’s no question, but I wake up each morning eager to get into the day. Wow, what a turnaround from my days chained to a desk!

    1. Marty your thinking is reflected in many of the responses and has always been the basis for me too. I am getting back into that wake up and rock my day too. so long since I was chained to a desk. I must say as a teacher I loved my job. it was the politics that had me leaving xxoo

  13. Love the collection of feminine wisdom and love – beautiful post, Suzie! Freedom for me is Authentic Self Expression – in all of life – business, relationships, appearances, choices, decisions, etc.

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