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Unique Opportunity To Own A Suzie Cheel HandPainted Original

My Last Studio Sale: Online for  October 2012One Week Only


End  of  Financial Year Sale (here in Australia) and only time to get one of my unique hand painted silk scarves.  Visit http://suziecheel.comsuzies-gallery to see the work on sale 

It is TIME to  share what I have been hoarding away thinking one day………….maybe……..when…….

I have been cleaning out my cupboards and found I still had  some scarves and a few other items as well as some art quilts. I had the choice of contacting a gallery that still stocks my scarves or to give my online friends and community the opportunity to own one of my never to be repeated scarves or fabric artworks in this style at  special prices.

I no longer have the space and equipment I used to have when I had a purpose built studio and was in full production. This was the downstairs of my purpose built studio in Lilyfield. This was where I painted, designed and cut patterns, etc. This photo was taken when I was setting up for a studio sale which I had once or twice a year.

and here is one where I am starting to paint a 6 meters ( 20 feet)  length of white silk.

People who own and wear my clothing and accessories say makes them feel good and the are timeless. Just this morning I found a photo of me wearing the very first Batwing Jacket I made- this was how I first began to make a name for myself in the Textile world:  yes I even sewed it so the sewers had a sample. I have kept it and today just pulled it out of a box, washed and ironed it. I remember when we first moved north and I went to a Writers Festival I was surprised to se one of my jackets being worn as i hadn’t made these since the early 2000’s. It was also a delight to go to the Opera House in Sydney and see someone wearing one of my jackets. I do have a length of silk fabric I am considering selling that would be great as a jacket or coat.

Suzie Cheel Textile Art

Well that’s all for now- off to make the posts for the scarves.  I am going to do some live video so you can see the real thing and show you how you can wear the scarves and ask me questions. If you would like to get a first look just put your name in the box below. 

Watch my facebook page for the details too

from my creative ♡ to your creative ♡– yes we all have one:)


Suzie Cheel

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