Learn How To Use EFT To Power Up Your Day

I love starting my day with my friend Brad Yates. It raises your vibes  and works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction. Brad has a great website and his monthly newsletter Success Beyond Belief always has a great tapping sequence. Last month’s was tapping was No time for myself! The newsletter also keeps you informed with what is happening in the EFT /tapping world.The video below is one I have on my computer and use most morning to power up my day- great for raising the vibes too. You can also put it on your ipod so you could do away from the computer.

If you have have never done any EFT, Brad has tapping charts on his site, just click on about EFT.  Brad was also in the movie Tapping Solution.

How to you power up your day?

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4 Responses

  1. yes I know- I sometimes do it when I am walking on the beach. I am getting past caring if people think I am nuts- usually means I am having fun and happy

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Brad Yates. I love this video, watched him yawn, talk and tap, followed along and felt great. When I visited his site and saw a photo of him all spiffy, shaved, combed and dressed, I laughed.

  3. When your using EFT don't do it as your driving down the freeway… People think your nuts. I know!

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