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Video Marketing: Interview With Pam Brossman

Do You Use Video To Market You and Your Business?

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Last week I talked with Pam Brossman. Pam shared her passion about video and how she is finding a resistance to businesses using video. Not sure if video is for you, check out these 3 free videos now that will give you some tips that will show you how easy it is to get started using online video marketing in your business.  This is an online 9 week simple step-by-step online video marketing course that starts this week. I know that Pam is passionate about sharing what she has mastered and helping others become a star too. Video is a way for you to become the expert in your business. Check out Pam’s Tips

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2 thoughts on “Video Marketing: Interview With Pam Brossman”

  1. Suzie, Thank you! I had decided last week that I should start adding video! Thank you for more confirmation!!

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